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9 Days Of Lennon; Day 3 July 6,1957

Saturday, 6TH July, 1957
at 3 p.m.

St. Peter's Church field was filled with event from crowning of the Rose Queen (Miss Sally Wright) at 3-00 p.m. to the Fancy Dress Parade to Musical Selections by the band of Cheshire (Earl of Chester) Yeomanry to the Skiffle Group, The Quarrymen. 
Young Paul McCartney
 John Lennon and his band named after his school, Quarry Bank, would play three sets that day, once at 4-15 p.m. again at 5-45 and once again at the 8-0 p.m. Grand dance in the Church Hall for children entertainment. Waking up that morning he would of never thought he was going to meet a little fifteen year old who would change his life forever.
Fifteen year old Paul McCartney, who really looked 12 or so with his chubby cheeks and big doed hazel eyes, was asked to go to the fete with his friend Ivan Vaughan. He accepted and attended the fete where he saw the usual things at these events and took notice to the band that was playing,
"We headed for the stage first, because as teenagers we were interested in music. There was a guy up on the platform with curly, blondish hair, wearing a checked shirt- singing a song that I loved: the Del-Vikings' "Come Go With Me". He didn't know the words, but it didn't matter because none of us knew the words either."-Paul McCartney
The Quarrymen July 6,1957
The lead singer described as the curly, blondish hair, wearing a checked shirt kid was playing his guitar with five strings, as if it was a banjo and he accompanied by a tea chest, drums, banjo, and his band he called The Quarrymen. McCartney was impressed when the singer didn't know the lyrics to the refrain which goes, ' Come little darlin', come and go with me, I love you darling.'. Instead he'd sing, 'Down, down, down to the penitentiary.' This singer was the sixteen year old, John Lennon. 

During the end of the night as the thunder rolled in The Quarrymen found themselves in the hall across from the church with their instruments drinking. Ivan, an also good friend of John Lennon's and bassist for The Quarrymen, took Paul in to meet the guys. He told John, "I think you two will get along." The two were introduced. At that moment Paul asked to see a guitar, he was given one but all of The Quarrymen guitars were strung for righty's, Paul was a lefty. No problem though, he just flipped the guitar upside down and played it somewhat backwards. He wailed through Eddie Cochran's "Twenty Flight Rock" and knew all of the words, which at that time was very good. Paul later went on to play more guitar and also a piano that was set up in the hall where he played numbers like Little Richards "Long Tall Sally" and "Tutti Frutti", he played "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" in C. 
"It was uncanny, he could play and sing in a way that none of us could, including John. He had such a confidence, he gave a performance. it was so natural. we couldn't get enough of it. It was a real eye opener"- Quarrymen guitarist, Eric Griffiths

"I half thought to myself, "he's as good as me.' Now I thought, If I take him on, what will happen? It went through my head that I'd have to keep him in line if I let him join (the band). But he was good, so he was worth having. He also looked like Elvis. I dug him."- John Lennon
John recalls that that night he asked Paul to join the band, Paul replied the next day. Paul remembers the experience of himself wearing a white sports jacket with silver threads and having his hair in a teddish style. He recalls the band drinking and John was a little 'afternoon pissed'. He remembers John breathing boozily on his shoulder and asked him to join the band.
Later on Paul would teach John the correct way to play guitar. He added a sixth string to John's guitar and had taught him the chords since John always would of played it like a banjo like his mom taught him. 
"Paul could play guitar, trumpet and piano. That doesn't mean to say he has a greater talent, but his musical education was better. I could only play the mouth organ and two chords on the guitar when we met.I tuned the guitar like a banjo, so my guitar only had five strings on it. (Paul taught me how to play properly -  but I had to learn the chords left-handed, because Paul is left-handed. So I learnt them upside down, and I'd go home and reverse them.) That's what I was doing - playing on stage with a group, playing a five-string guitar like a banjo- when he was brought around from the audience to meet me."- John Lennon
The two became un-sepreatable from that day to The Beatles. Sharing a bond like no other and connected with each other on levels that no one else could connect with them on, for example John lost his mother when he was 17 and Paul lost his when he was 14. Paul thinks that the fact that they both lost their moms when they were young had given them a closer relationship. The Lennon-McCartney partnership went on to inspire the world and to change life as we know it.

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