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Abbey Road

 Before reading the following it maybe to your benefit to read about The Beatles Let It Be.

"I think before the Abbey Road sessions it was like we should put down the boxing gloves and try and just get it together and really make a very special album."-Paul McCartney
 Recorded: 22 February- 20 August, 1969
                  EMI Studios, Olympic Studios, and Trident Studios
Released: 26 September, 1969 (UK)
                 01 October, 1969 (US)
Producers: George Martin, Chris Thomas, Glyn Johns
Engineers: Tony Clark, Geoff Emerick, Jeff Jarratt, Glyn Johns, Phil McDonald, Barry Sheffield 
John Lennon: Vocals, guitar, piano, electric piano, Moog, maracas, Hammond organ, white noise generator, tambourine, handclaps
Paul McCartney: Vocals, bass, guitar, piano, electric piano, Hammond organ, wind chimes, handclaps, tape loops, Moog
George Harrison: Vocals, guitar, bass, harmonium, Moog, handclaps
Ringo Starr: Vocals, drums, congas, maracas, bongos, cowbell, timpani, anvil, handclaps, effect, tambourine
George Martin: Lowrey organ, Hammond organ, electric harpsichord
Billy Preston: Hammond organ

The Beatles twelfth studio album recorded but eleventh studio album released was named Abbey Road. Starting in February 1968 with on and off recordings up till April 1970 The Beatles had been working on Let It Be. During Let It Be recordings the environment was hostile, John Lennon even saying that making the album was hell, check out John Lennon's Let It Be interview with Howard Smith here. With Let It Be already recorded The Beatles came together once more to record Abbey Road. Note; Even though Let It Be was recorded before Abbey Road the album would be released about five months later in May 1970.

Back in the studio, 1969
Prior to Abbey Road The Beatles had been working at Tickenham Studios with producer Phil Spector, leaving their longtime producer George Martin. With Abbey Road the boys turned back to old friend George Martin.
"I was quite surprised when Paul rang me up and said, 'We're going to make another record, would you like to produce it?' and my immediate answer was, 'Only if you let me produce it the way we used to.' and he said, 'We do want to do that' and I said, 'John included?' and he said, 'Yes, honestly.'"- George Martin
"I think it was in a way the feeling that it might be our last, so let's just show 'em what we can do, let's show each other what we can do, and let's try and have a good time doing it."- Paul McCartney
Track listing:
  1. Come Together
  2.  Something
  3. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
  4. Oh! Darling
  5. Octopus's Garden
  6. I Want You (She's So Heavy)
  7. Here Comes The Sun
  8. Because
  9. You Never Give Me Your Money
  10. Sun King
  11. Mean Mr. Mustard
  12. Polythene Pam
  13. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
  14. Golden Slumbers
  15. Carry That Weight
  16. The End
  17. Her Majesty
Come Together
"It was a funky record- It's one of my favourite Beatle tracks (or one of my favourite Lennon tracks, lets say that). It's funky, it's bluesy, and I'm singing it pretty well. I like the sound of the record."- John Lennon, 1980
John Lennon
In 1969, Timothy Leary, who also influenced The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows from their Revolver album with his book of Death, had to stop his LSD experiments due to government laws. Leary would use LSD on himself as well as others to prove that the drug had positive effects once the government began to banned the drug Timothy ran as governor of the state of California with a campaign slogan, "Come Together, Join The Party"
"''Come Together' was an expression that Tim Leary had come up with for his attempt at being president or whatever, and he asked me to write him a campaign song. I tried and I tried but I couldn't come up with one. But I came up with 'Come Together', which would have been no good to him- you couldn't have a campaign song like that."- John Lennon, 1980
John was later sued for using the line "Here Comes old flat-top" from Chuck Berry's "You Can't Catch Me".

 "George's 'Something' was out of left field."- Paul McCartney, Anthology
 Arguably George's greatest work, "Something" was written about his wife at the time, model Patti Boyd.
George Harrison
"Something was written on the piano while we were making the White album. I had a break while Paul was doing some overdubbing so I went into an empty studio and began to write. That's really all there is to it, except the middle took some time to sort out! It didn't go on the White album because we'd already finished all the tracks. I gave it to Joe Cocker a year before I did it.
It's probably got a range of five notes which fits most singers' needs best. This I suppose is my most successful song with over one hundred and fifty cover versions. My favourite version is the one by James  Brown - that was excellent. When I wrote it, in my mind I heard Ray Charles singing it , and he did do it some years later. I like Smokey Robinson's version too."- George Harrison, I Me Mine
"It was beautiful. George was blossoming as a songwriter. With 'Something' and 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' - are you kidding me? Two of the finest love songs ever written, and they're really on a par with what John and Paul or anyone else of that time wrote. They're beautiful songs. It's interesting that George was coming to the fore and we were just breaking up."- Ringo Starr, Anthology
'Something' would be the first single  The Beatles would release with a Harrison track. John, Paul and George Martin state that in the beginning "George was never treated on the same level as having the same quality of songwriting." (George Martin), that The Beatles songwriting consisted of Lennon- McCartney with a few exceptions in fact Frank Sinatra admitted that 'Something' was his favorite Lennon-McCartney song and later when George would meet Michael Jackson at the BBC Michael questioned George on the song saying, 'Oh, you wrote that? I thought it was a Lennon/McCartney'.

Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Paul and George
"Some of my songs are based on personal experience, but my style is to veil it. A lot of them are made up, like 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' which is the kind of song I like to write. It's just a silly story about all these people I'd never meet. it's just like writing a play: you don't have to show the people, you just make them up.
I remember George once saying to me, 'I couldn't write songs like that.' He writes more personal experience, John's style was to show the naked truth. I f I was a painter, I'd probably mask things a little bit more than some people.
The song epitomizes the downfalls of life. Just when everything is going smoothly - Bang! Bang! - down comes Maxwell's silver hammer and ruins everything."- Paul McCartney, Anthology
John is not featured on the track due to  him being ill and hospitalized after an accident with his new wife, Yoko Ono. The track took about three days to record and John later said that the the band spent more money on that one song than any other track on the album.

Oh! Darling

McCartney spent a lot of dedication when recording the track. In fact for a week he would be the first one in the studio just to sing by himself to make sure his voice wasn't too clean
"I wanted it to sound as though I'd be performing it on stage all week."- Anthology

John however thought that the song was more of his style and that he should of recorded it.

Octopus's Garden

George and Ringo

In 1968 while on a boating trip with his family Ringo was offered an octopus lunch by the boats captain, which Ringo denied. Instead of engaging in an octopus lunch, Starr and the captain engaged on a conversation about the creatures where the captain explained that octopuses search the sea floor collecting objects for their gardens, hence the name.

I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Ringo and George with the Moog
"A reviewer wrote of She’s So Heavy: ‘He seems to have lost his talent for lyrics, it’s so simple and boring.’ She’s So Heavy was about Yoko. When it gets down to it, like she said, when you’re drowning you don’t say ‘I would be incredibly pleased if someone would have the foresight to notice me drowning and come and help me,’ you just scream. And in She’s So Heavy I just sang ‘I want you, I want you so bad, she’s so heavy, I want you,’ like that."-John Lennon, Rolling Stone 1970
The song took about a six month span, from February- August 1969 to record. The track featured John, Paul, and George experimenting on a new instrument, the Moog.

Here Comes The Sun
"Here Comes The Sun was written at the time when Apple was getting like school, where we had to go and be business men, all this signing accounts, and 'sign this' and 'sign that'. Anyway it seems as if winter in England goes on forever; by the time spring comes you really deserve it.. So one day. I decided - I'm going to sag off' Apple, and I went of to Eric's (Clapton) house: I was walking in his garden, The relief of not having to go and see all those dopey accountants was wonderful, and I was walking around the garden with one of Eric's acoustic guitars and wrote Here Comes The Sun."-George Harrison,  I Me Mine
The following video is from Living In The Material World documentary of Ringo Starr talking about his drumming on the track and Eric Clapton about watching "Here Comes The Sun" unfold;

"Yoko was playing Moonlight Sonata on the piano. She was classically trained. I said, ‘Can you play those chords backward?’ and wrote Because around them. The lyrics speak for themselves; they’re clear. No bullshit. No imagery, no obscure references."- John Lennon, All We Are Saying
In 1969 George Harrison would said that the track maybe his favorite on the album,
"The lyrics are so simple. The harmony was pretty difficult to sing. We had to really learn it. But I think that’s one of the tunes that will impress most people. It’s really good."
You Never Give Me Your Money

Paul McCartney
The first song that starts of what is known as the Abbey Road medley.
"'Funny paper'- that's what we get. We get bits of paper saying how much is earned and what this and that is, but we never actually get it in pounds, shillings, and pence. We've all got a big house and a car and an office, but to actually get the money we've earned seems impossible."- George Harrison, 1969
"This was me directly lambasting Allen Klein’s attitude to us: no money, just funny paper, all promises and it never works out. It’s basically a song about no faith in the person, that found its way into the medley on Abbey Road. John saw the humour in it. "- Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now
Sun King

The soft song is sung with lines of spanish words Paul vaguely knew from his school days. The group wanted to add "Para noia" (they used to call themselves Los Para Noias)  but had forgotten about it.

Mean Mr. Mustard
"That’s me, writing  a piece of garbage. I’d read somewhere in the newspaper about this mean guy who hid five-pound notes, not up his nose but somewhere else. No, it had nothing to do with cocaine."- John Lennon, All We Are Saying
The song was written in 1968 while The Beatles were in India and was what Lennon hoped to be the last track on the White Album but wasn't recorded until the Abbey Road sessions.

Polythene Pam
"John had a bit called 'Polythene Pam' which was based on a girl he'd met a long time ago through the poet Royston Ellis, a friend of ours from Liverpool. We'd re-met him down South when we got out on tour, somewhere like Shrewsbury- he just showed up at the gig John had gone out to dinner with him and back to his flat afterwards, and there was a girl there who apparently had polythene around her. He came back with all these tales about a girl who dressed in polythene. 'Shit! There was this chick and it was great..." and we though, "Oh, wow!" Eventually he wrote the song."- Paul McCartney
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

The song was inspired by a true experience when an Apple Scruff, Jessica Samuels, through a brick through McCartney's bathroom window while he was out and would raid his house.
"We were bored, he was out and so we decided to pay him a visit. We found a ladder in his garden and stuck it up at the bathroom window which he'd left slightly open. I was the one who climbed up and got in."- Jessica Samuels
Golden Slumbers
"I had a couple of bits and pieces that weren't finished. They were songs that needed maybe a middle, or a second verse or an end. I was playing piano in Liverpool in my dad's house, and my step-sister Ruth's piano book was up on the stand. I was flicking through it, and I came to 'Golden Slumbers'. I can't read music and I couldn't remember the old tune, so I just started playing my own tune to it. I liked the words so I kept them, and it fitted with another bit of song I had."- Paul McCartney, Anthology
Carry That Weight
John Lennon
"I’m generally quite upbeat but at certain times things get to me so much that I just can’t be upbeat any more and that was one of the times. We were taking so much acid and doing so much drugs and all this Klein shit was going on and getting crazier and crazier and crazier. Carry that weight a long time: like for ever! That’s what I meant."- Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now
It was during this time that The Beatles were struggling with management and their own business which lead to many songs being written about their experiences.

The End
"In 'The End' there were three guitar solos where John, George, and I took a line each, which was something we'd never done before. And we finally persuaded Ringo to play a drum solo, which he'd never wanted to do. And it climaxed with, 'And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make....'"-Paul McCartney, Anthology
Ringo Starr, 1969
"Solos have never interested me. That drum solo is still the only one I've done. There's the guitar section where the three of them take in the solos, and then they thought, 'We'll have a drum solo as well.' I was opposed it: 'I don't want to do no bloody solo!' George Martin convinced me. As i was playing it, hunted it because we needed a time. It was the most ridiculous thing."- Ringo Starr, Anthology
In 1980 John Lennon the line "And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make." as  "A very cosmic, philosophical line"

Her Majesty
"It was quite funny because it’s basically monarchist, with a mildly disrespectful tone, but it’s very tongue in cheek. It’s almost like a love song to the Queen. "- Paul McCartney, Many Years From Now
The song is the shortest Beatles tune lasting twenty-three seconds.

The Cover

Paul's sketch of Abbey Road
Friday morning on 8 August, 1969 an officer stood by the road outside of EMI Studios located on Abbey Road haulting traffic as Iain Macmillan had ten minutes to snap six photos, one in which became one of the most iconic album covers of all time. The Beatles wore suits off all different colours; George in all Jean, Paul in Navy, Ringo in Black, and John dressed in white. Besides the shots taken by Macmillian, Paul's wife, Linda, had taken various pictures before their crossing, one including the boys sitting on the steps of EMI Studios, another of an old lady who questioned the boys on what they were doing where Ringo and Paul had reacted. After the photo shoot it was up to Paul to pick the final picture where he choose the iconic picture we all know today.

The cover also played a major part in The Paul Is Dead Rumor, to read about the rumor click here.


On release in the UK on the  26 September, 1969 Abbey Road had peaked number one staying there for  seventeen more weeks but remained in charts for sixty-four weeks. In the US the album reached number one for eleven weeks and continued to stay in charts for seventy-two more weeks.

Photo taken by Linda McCartney

Albums Facts;
  • In "Mean Mr. Mustard" his sister, Pam's,  name was originally Sally. Her name was changed due to John wanting to incorporate "Polythene Pam" into it.
  • "Her Majesty" was originally placed in between "Mean Mr. Mustard" and "Polythene Pam" but McCartney then realized that it didn't fit into the medley
  • "Her Majesty" was not listen on the back of the original album with the rest of the tracks. This lead to the first hidden tracks on rock albums
  • The original name for the album was Everest
    Photo by Linda McCartney
  • "While we were in the studio, our engineer Geoff Emerick always used to smoke cigarettes called Everest, so the album was going to be called Everest. We never really liked that, but we couldn't think of anything else to call it. Then one day I said, 'I've got it!' - I don't know how I thought of it - 'Abbey Road!' It's the studio we're in, which is fabulous; and it sounds a bit like a monastery'"- Paul McCartney, Anthology 

"It was a very very happy album. Everybody worked frightfully well and that's why I'm very fond of it."- George Martin
"I think it shows on the record when we were excited: the track's exciting and it all comes together. It doesn't matter what we go through as individuals on the bullshit level; when it gets to the music you can see that it's really cool, and we had all put in one thousand per cent"- Ringo Starr, Anthology
"I didn't know at the time that it was the last Beatle record that we wouldn't make, but it felt as if we were reaching the end of the line. I can't honestly say what I felt after the record was finished."-George Harrison, Anthology

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18 Days of McCartney Day 18- Macca Memories

Since Paul McCartney had received his first guitar at age fourteen he has gone on to create some of the greatest pieces of art through music from "Yesterday" to "Maybe I'm Amazed", "Band On The Run" to his new style with "New". Today marks Sir James Paul McCartney Seventy-second birthday but his personality and music career is as strong as ever.

If you haven't been following 18 Days of McCartney, here's a list of what's been posted;
  1. Jim and Mary McCartney
  2. Early Childhood
  3. Early Music
  4. Paul Is Dead
  5. Jane Asher
  6. Linda Eastman
  7. Wings History
  8. Wings Tours
  9. Heather Mills
  10. Nancy Shevell
  11. Hofner History
  12. Martha McCartney
  13. Albums (1970-Present)
  14. Meat-Free Monday
  15. High Park Farm
  16. Children
  17. Awards, Honors, Orders
  18. Paul on Paul
As with 9 Days of Lennon and 25 Days of Harrison, 18 Days of McCartney is going to be different. With Lennon and Harrison the last day was filled with tributes and other's stories and love for the artist, since McCartney is still thriving today's post won't be about tributes and other's thoughts about "The Most Successful Composer and Recording Artist of All-Time", as called by Guinness Book of World Records, it'll be about Paul McCartney's reflection of The Beatles, on Wings, and on himself.

 "I don't work at being ordinary."- Paul McCartney

In 2013 Q Magazine released an issue with the title Beatles 50th Anniversary Special! with a special interview with Macca himself with interviewer Jude Rogers.  Rogers asked Paul a variety of question about his influences and days as a Beatle. One question Roger asked was, "Do you think The Beatles' massive influence has stifled music in some ways? During Britpop, for instance, when everyone was coping you?" Paul replied,
"I know this happens, like you do, like anyone does. But I'm actually kind of honoured - they could be copying anyone. Even when things happen like Oasis saying, 'We are the next Beatles.' But I also think, 'Listen, lads, you can't say that. And don't say that, because it's probably the kiss of death!' In Oasis' s case, I think it was coming from them. IN others it's the record label or management and that's never a good idea. The poor band! 'Now go and do better than The Beatles did.' Not an easy task."
 Another question was, "What's you Favorite time with The Beatles?"
"The great thing is, I genuinely like all the periods. But when I hear some interviews of us in the really early days, with our thick Liverpool accents, the absolute innocence of it, I think that's very intriguing."
 "And what's the point of changing when I'm happy as I am?"- Paul McCartney
 It's been around fifty-eight years since Paul has been playing music, from his career he has released thirty-two number one singles!  This include twenty with The Beatles; "Love Me Do"/ "P.S I Love You" (1963), "From Me To You"/ "Thank You Girl" (1963), "She Loves You"/ "I'll Get You"(1963/64), "I Want to Hold Your Hand" / "This Boy" (1964), "Can't Buy Me Love"/ "You Can't Do That" (1964),  "Eight Days A Week"/ "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party" (1965), "Yesterday"/"Act Naturally" (1965), "Day Tripper"/"We Can Work It Out" (1965/66), "We Can Work It Out"/"Day Tripper"(1965/66), "Paperback Writer"/"Rain" (1966), "Yellow Submarine"/"Eleanor Rigby" (1966), "Eleanor Rigby" (1966), "Penny Lane"/"Strawberry Fields Forever" (1967), "All You Need Is Love"/"Baby You're A Rich Man" (1967), "Hello, Goodbye"/ "I Am The Walrus" (1967/68), "Lady Madonna"/"The Inner Light" (1968), "Hey Jude"/"Revolution" (1968), "Get Back"/"Don't Let Me Down" (1969), "Let It Be"/"You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)" (1970), "The Long and Winding Road"/"For You Blue" (1970). One single written by McCartney for the Peter and Gordon duo, "A World Without Love"/ "If I Were You".  One single with his wife Linda, "Uncle Albert/Admiral Hasley"/ "Too Many People". In 1971 when Paul and Linda formed Wings they released seven singles that peaked number one, "My Love"/ "The Mess" (1973), "Band On The Run"/"Zoo Gang" (1974), "Listen to What the Man Said"/ "Love in Song" (1975), "Silly Love Songs"/"Cook of the House" (1976), "Mull of Kintyre"/"Girls' School" (1977), "With A Little Luck"/"Backwards Traveller " (1978), "Coming Up/Comping up (Live at Glassgow)"/ "Lunch Box/ Odd Sox" (1980). Working with Stevie Wonder he released the number one single "Ebony and Ivory"/"Rainclouds" (1982). The following year he released a number one single with Michael Jackson, "Say Say Say"/ "Ode to a Koala Bear" (1983/84). By himself he released "Pipes of Peace"/"So Bad" in 1983-84.

"You know, I"m not one of these people that just because I've done all that I now become Superman. You can't touch me. You know, you can touch me. I'm very, unfortunately, very reachable."- Paul McCartney
On 1 March, 2012 Brain Hiatt of Rolling Stone magazine did a beautiful job capturing an interview with Sir Paul McCartney at the iconic Abbey Road Studios room 2. Hiatt wrote;
"In one corner, McCartney yelped, 'One, two, three, faw!' to start 'I Saw Her Standing There'; in another, he slammed an E-major choard on one of the many pianos heard at the end of 'A Day in the Life.'
Right now, for no particular reason, he's playing drums. Within moments of his arrival, McCartney dashes over to his kit, grabs a pair of sticks and crashes through a few bars of a fast beat, heavy on the high-hat. It sounds distinctly Beatle-ish, or at least Wings-y."
During the time of the interview, McCartney was sixty-nine years old, and vibrant as ever. It just goes to show that William Barber was correct in the 1976 when he said,
"We weren't sure before but now we're convinced - Paul McCartney isn't human after all. Any man who can do what Paul does with his music has got to be an exalted Wizard."
Studio 2, Abbey Road had become like a second home through Paul's career with The Beatles. Why else would Paul describe his entrance into the room as,
"Ancient and modern. Every time I come in here, I unravel the whole story again. This is where it all happened." 
In the same interview with Rolling Stone he talks about some struggles he has when it comes to song writing saying his songs, he points out "Eleanor Rigby" as an example, is always hanging over his head. When he begins to compose a new song artist have the fear  and think 'How am I going to top that?';
"I think you go, 'I'm not.' You just realize you're not going to top it, but you write 'Blackbird.' You go in another direction or whatever. If you're lucky. I've always been aware of that phenomenon, but I've never let it block me."- Paul McCartney

 "Be cool and you'll be alright. That's Rock and Roll religion."- Paul McCartney, Rolling Stone Magazine

In 1971 Paul, along with his wife Linda, formed one of the most iconic bands of the 1970s, Wings. Wings went on to produce seven studio and one live album. Their biggest achievement was the release of the third album, Band on the Run, which became 1974's top selling album in both the United Kingdom and Australia.
"You could develop the most incredible Beatle or McCartney act and blow it by not keeping up with the times. Then it's going to be 'Oh, they're a very nice nostalgic group' and I don't want that."- Paul McCartney on  the formation of Wings
Wings  went on to preform five tours, the most successful one being their World Tour, where they played across Europe, North America, and Australia.
"I don't mind if audiences come to see me as a Beatle. I Don't know for sure, but I've got a feeling that they go away thinking. 'Oh, well, it's a band.' That's the whole idea behind Wings - to get a touring band, instead of the whole Beatles myth."- Paul McCartney
 That's exactly what Wing's did. Paul was a born performer, even when he was with The Beatles and the screaming chaos of being pelted with Jelly Babies in the screech filled arenas of frantic girls, and guys, there was something Paul missed about the live performances after The Beatles played their last show in 1966.  Wings became the group Paul looked forward to being with after the hectic Beatle break-up on 10 April, 1970. Through Wings came a family experiences as his children traveled with the various band members starting with Paul, Linda, Denny Laine, Henry McCullough, and Denny Seiwell. To later finding Jimmy McCulloch and Joe English to replace McCullough and Seiwell. A few years down the road adding Steve Holley and Laurence Juber after McCulloch and English left the band.

"We didn't get into music for a job! We got into music to avoid a job, in the truth - and get lots of girls."- Paul McCartney
 When mentioning Paul McCartney it's hard to dismiss that he was part of what he calls, a four headed monster, called The Beatles.  I'd like to end this post on quotes from Paul McCartney about his three brothers and the band themselves. The Beatles provided hope through their music, their stories, and their love that went inspired and shook the world in just short eight years together.
Four boys (John, Paul, George, and Ringo), Three main instruments (Rhythm guitar, bass, lead guitar, and drums), Two times two (yes, that's four), One dream.
"I'm proud of The Beatle thing. It was great, and I can go along with all the people you meet on the street who say you gave so much happiness to many people. I don't think that's corny."- Paul McCartney
The Beatles became official in 1962 when Ringo Starr joined the group after the band fired their previous drummer, Pete Best. It was from that moment on that the foursome would become the worlds greatest band providing songs like "Love Me Do" to "Across The Universe".  Paul had always thought that The Beatles were a great little band, nothing more nothing less. That the great thing about The Beatles were the love and the chemistry found between all four of them, along with other Beatles figures like George Martin, Brian Epstein, Mal Evans, and the many more who brought The Beatles to the top. McCartney loved how The Beatles could be spontaneous, unlike other bands who can put on a phony act in front of the camera, The Beatles were real, it was them. Also, The Beatles albums which contained tracks like "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" then have another track like "Blackbird", a band that could do thousands of different sounds.
"I'm really proud that our songs were about love, peace, and understanding."- Paul McCartney
But what does Paul think about his ex-band mates?
Ringo Starr joined the scene on the 18 August, 1962. Prior to Ringo's arrival, he had already played with The Beatles while their drummer was absent. Paul, George, and John were in awe with the rough, teddy boy looking drummer from the start. During Paul's Out There Tour during the summer of 2013 an interview with Nesta Matthews took place over the phone where Paul said the following;
 "I think Ringo gets that reputation because he wasn’t one of the songwriters, and he was only an occasional singer in the group. It was mainly me and John, and then later George. He got a sort of secondary role. But I say to people: Every single member of the Beatles was just as important as the other. I liken it to four side of a square. Without one of them, it falls apart.”
Paul continued to talk about his dear friend,
“He was very sort of vocal. He would tell us what he wanted, what he liked, And we always had this rule: If one of us didn’t like a song we were doing, it got chucked out. So we always had a very equal vote. And the whole spirit of Ringo was very important to the Beatles — and let’s not forget his drumming. He’s one of the best drummers in the world, you know? His drummer on the Beatles is very original. It made the group’s sound what it was.”
 "Without his drumming, Forget it! It wouldn't be The Beatles"- Paul McCartney
 It's hard to put into words Paul's relationship with George Harrison. In fact George and Paul were friends and playing together before Paul had even met John in 1957, Paul would be the one to introduce George into the band. Even with an interview of Eric Clapton by Rolling Stone, Clapton states that George and Paul were never the kind to tell each other how much they loved and cared for each other but after Harrison's unfortunate passing in 2001 Paul was the one who Eric said missed him probably more than anyone.

You can see the love Paul had for who he calls, his baby brother, in the documentary, Living In The Material World. Paul talks about his best times with George and watching him grow up. In the same documentary when Paul is asked what he misses most about George he replies, his love. The following video is Paul describing his and George's hitch hiking trip as teenagers;

 The following is from a previous post of mine from 9 October, 2013;

To fans John Lennon is an inspiration and an idol, he's someone we all want to be and means a lot to us even though we don't know him. Sir Paul McCartney falls under that category, saying he's the biggest John Lennon fan. John and Paul had a friendship like no other and really define the word music. Paul still misses The Beatles days;
 "Are you kidding? Of course I bloody miss it. I'm sitting in the room with John, him with me. Believe me, we're both pretty good editors. We were young turks. We were smartasses. And we did some amazing things. I would love him to be here now, saying, 'Don't bloody do that!' – or, more wonderfully, 'That's great!' So yeah, I really had the greatest writing partner."
Paul shows his respect to his great friend in a tribute song, "Here Today". The lyrics consists of Paul telling John how much he loves him and at concerts, for example at this past Out There tour when Paul played Boston he started the song by saying something on the lines of, "Sometimes you don't have the opportunity to say you love someone and how much they mean to you and next thing you know they're gone. Here's to you John". Paul even tears up when singing his song.  One line in the song is "What about the night we cried, because there wasn't any reason left to keep it all inside" is from a story of The Beatles being in Key West due to a hurricane and they were stuck there. The two, Lennon and McCartney, had nothing better to do but get drunk and then eventually talking in depths and connecting on some deep personal feelings and just cried.
"I seem to remember we had some time off in Key West, Florida, and it was because there was a hurricane, and we'd been diverted, I think, from Jacksonville.
So we had to spend a night or two in Key West, is where we ended up, anyway. And at that age, with that much time on our hands, we really didn't know what to do with it except get drunk.
And so that was what we did. And we stayed up all night talking, talking, talking like it was going out of style. And at some point early in the morning, I think we must have touched on some points that were really emotional, and we ended up crying, which was very unusual for us, because we - members of a band and young guys, we didn't do that kind of thing. So I always remembered it as a sort of important emotional landmark."- Paul McCartney, 2001 interview with Terry Gross (Read more of the interview here).
The following video is "Here Today" by Paul McCartney;

"I can't tell you how much it hurts to lose him. His death is a bitter cruel blow. I really loved the guy."- Paul McCartney
Some articles that might interest you;
In the words of Paul McCartney,
"We were a fucking great band"- Paul McCartney
It's hard to say where Paul will go now, what he will go on to achieve, but all that doesn't matter. What matter's is today the world comes together to remember and celebrate the great legacy that continues to inspire and wow the world as We All Stand Together to wish Sir James Paul McCartney a Happy Birthday!

"...the only thing would be when it's not pleasant anymore, then it would be 'That's a good time to stop' But it's way too pleasant at the moment. And it pays. Good gig,man."- Paul McCartney on the thought of retirement, Rolling Stone

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

18 Days of McCartney Day 17- Macca's Achievements

From 1963 with The Beatles to 2014 Paul McCartney has won a total of fifty-seven awards, received first in two "All-Time" awards, placed eleventh in another "All-Time" achievement, Inducteed three times, received tow doctorates, Rewarded with an MBE and Knight Bachelor, a recipient, Legion of Honour, and various other awards for his environmental work along with his animal rights campaigns and others.

The Beatles receiving NME's, 1966

We'll start with the first award Paul received, NME award in 1963, he would go on to win twenty-one more NME awards;
  • 1963- The Beatles, World Vocal Group
  • 1963- The Beatles, British Vocal Group
  • 1963- The Beatles, Best British Disc of The Year for "She Loves You"
  • 1964- The Beatles, Outstanding Vocal Group
  • 1964- The Beatles, British Vocal Group
  • 1965- The Beatles, British Vocal Group
  • 1965- The Beatles, World Vocal Group
  • 1966- The Beatles, British Vocal Group
  • 1966- The Beatles, Best British Disc This Year "Eleanor Rigby"
  • 1968- The Beatles, World Vocal Group
  • 1968- The Beatles, British Vocal Group
  • 1968- The Beatles, Best British Disc This Year "Hey Jude"
  • 1970- The Beatles, Top British Group
  • 1970- The Beatles, 1970's Best British LP "Let It Be"
  • 1971- The Beatles, Top British Group
  • 1971- The Beatles, Best British LP "Let It Be"
  • 1974- Paul McCartney, Best Bass Guitarist
  • 1976- Paul McCartney, Best Bass Guitarist
  • 1980- Paul McCartney, For Outstanding Services to Music
  • 2000-The Beatles, Best Band Ever
  • 2005- Paul McCartney, Best Event
  • 2014- Paul McCartney, The Songwriter
The following video is  The Beatles receiving their NME for the Best World Vocal Group, 1965;


Grammy Awards
McCartney at the Grammys 2012
  • 1965- The Beatles, Best New Artist
  • 1965- the Beatles, Best Performance By A Vocal Group "A Hard Day's Night"
  • 1967- Paul McCartney, Best Contemporary Solo Vocal Performance "Eleanor Rigby"
  • 1967- Lennon-McCartney, Song of The Year "Michelle"
  • 1968- The Beatles, Best Contemporary Album Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • 1968- The Beatles, Album of the Year Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  • 1971- The Beatles, Best Original Score Written for A Motion Picture Let It Be
  • 1972- The Beatles, Grammy Trustees Award
  • 1972- Paul McCartney, Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s) "Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey"
  • 1975- Wings, Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal "Band On The Run"
  • 1980- Wings, Best Rock Instrumental Performance "Rockestra Theme"
  • 1990- Paul McCartney, Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 1997- The Beatles, Best Long Form Music Video The Beatles Anthology
  • 1997- The Beatles, Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal "Free As A Bird"
  • 1997- The Beatles, Best Short Form Music Video "Free As A Bird"
  • 2011- Paul McCartney, Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance "Helter Skelter" from Good Evening New York City album
  • 2012- Paul McCartney, Best Historical Album Band On The Run
  • 2012- Paul McCartney, MusiCares Person of the Year
  • 2013- Paul McCartney, Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Kisses On The Bottom
  • 2014- Grohl, McCartney, Novosellc, Smear, Best Rock Song "Cut Me Some Slack"
  • 2014- Paul McCartney, Best Music Film Live Kisses
  • 2014- The Beatles, Lifetime Achievement Award
Yes, you read that right, that's almost twenty Grammy Awards including two Lifetime Achievement Awards and a MusiCares Person of the Year.

BRIT Awards

Paul has won a total of eight BRIT awards, including one classic award.
  • 1977- The Beatles, Best British Album (of the past 25 years)
  • 1977- The Beatles, Outstanding Contribution (of the past 25 years)
  • 1977- The Beatles, Best British Band (of the past 25 years)
  • 1983- Paul McCartney, Best British Male Solo Artist
  • 1983- Paul McCartney, Song Trophy
  • 1993- The Beatles, Outstanding Contribution
  • 2007- Paul McCartney, Album of the Year
  • 2008- Paul McCartney, Outstanding Contribution
Academy Awards

  • 1971- The Beatles, Best Music Original Song Score "Let It Be"
American Music Awards

  • 1993- Paul McCartney, Award of Merit
  • 1997- The Beatles, Favorite Pop/Rock Album The Beatles Anthology
MTV Video Music Awards
  • 1984- The Beatles, Video Vanguard Award
 Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards
  • 2002- Paul McCartney, Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards Best Song "Vanilla Sky"
 Rolling Stone
  • 2003- The Beatles, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (1st)
  • 2003- The Beatles, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Revolver (3rd)
  • 2003- The Beatles, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Rubber Soul (5th)
  • 2003- The Beatles, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time The White Album (10th)
  • 2003- The Beatles, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Abbey Road (14th)
  • 2003- The Beatles, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Please Please Me (39th)
  • 2003- The Beatles, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Meet The Beatles (86th)
  • 2003- The Beatles, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Let It Be (86th)
  • 2003- The Beatles, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Help! (322nd)
  • 2003- The Beatles, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time A Hard Day's Night (388th)
  • 2003- Wings, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time Band on The Run (418th)
  • 2003- The Beatles, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time With The Beatles (420th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artist of All-Time (1st)
  • 2004- The Beatles, The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artist of All-Time "Hey Jude" (8th
  • 2004- The Beatles; The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artist of All-Time "Yesterday" (13th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artist of All-Time "I Want To Hold Your Hand" (16th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artist of All-Time "Let It Be" (20th0
  • 2004- The Beatles; The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artist of All-Time "In My Life" (23rd)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artist of All-Time "A Day In The Life" (26th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artist of All-Time "Help!" (29th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artist of All-Time "She Loves You" (64th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artist of All-Time "Strawberry Fields Forever" (76th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artist of All-Time 'Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (83rd)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The Immortals: 100 Greatest Artist of All-Time "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (135th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time  Eleanor Rigby (137th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time "I Saw Her Standing There" (139th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time "A Hard Days Night" (153rd)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time  "Please Please Me" (184th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time"Come Together" (202nd)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time "Something" (273rd)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time "Can't Buy Me Love" (289th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time "With A Little Help From My Friends" (304th)
  • 2004- Paul McCartney, The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time "Maybe I'm Amazed" (338th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time "All You Need Is Love" (362nd)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time "Ticket To Ride" (384th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time "Penny Lane" (449th)
  • 2004- The Beatles; The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time "Rain" (463rd)
  • 2008- Paul McCartney, 100 Greatest Singers of All Time (11th)
Q Awards
  • 2007- Paul McCartney, Q Icon
  • 2010- Wings, Classic Album Band On The Run
Gershwin Prize for Popular Song
Paul became the first non-American to receive this award. The award is the highest award a musician can receive in the United States and was awarded to McCartney on 2 June, 2010 along with Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon, the award was presented to them by President Barack Obama.

  • 2010- Paul McCartney
 The following video is Obama presenting Paul McCartney with the award;

  • 31 December, 1996- New Year Honors, knighted for his music services
  • 5 December, 2010- Paul McCartney, Kennedy Center Honors
  • 9 May, 2011- Paul McCartney, Meddal of Honor of the National Library of Peru
  • 8 September, 2012- Paul McCartney, Officer of Legion of Honour, for music services by President Fancois Hollande
  • June 1965- The Beatles, Most Excellent Order of the British Empire
  • December, 1993- Paul McCartney, Order of Merit, Chile 
  •  5 May, 2011- Paul McCartney, Grand Cross of the Order of the Sun, the highest award by the nation of Peru
  • 9 May, 2011- Paul McCartney, La Orden de Arbol de La Quina, for his protection for the environment

Guinness Book of World Records
Besides his awards, honors, and orders Paul McCartney has achieved much more. In March 1999, Paul was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo Artist. Guinness World Records calls McCartney "The Most Successful Composer and Recording Artist of All Time with sixty-one Gold discs, including forty-two with The Beatles, seventeen solo, and one with The Beatles and Billy Preston, each disc sold over one-hundred million copies each. 

In the charts Macca has written/ co-written one-hundred eighty-eight charted records, ninety-one of these reached the Top 10, even better thirty-three peaked to number one. He's either written or co-written thirty-two number one singles for the Billboard Hot 100. Twenty of those were with The Beatles, one was his song " A World Without Love" a number one for Peter and Gordon, seven solo and/or with Wings (read about Wings History and Wings Tours),  and Elton John's version of The Beatles "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds", one with Stevie Wonder "Ebony and Ivory", one with Michael Jackson with "Say Say Say", and as co-writer with "Medley". 

Paul has contributied in twenty-four chart topping singles and has become the number one UK artist with the most number ones than any other artist. These include seventeen with The Beatles, and one from the wide variety of Wings, Solo, Stevie Wonder, and more. He's the only artist to ever reach UK number on as a soloist with his song 'Pipes of Peace". Other creidts for his UK success go to "Ebony and Ivory" with Stevie Wonder, "Mull of Kintyre" with Denny Laine, quartet for The Beatles "She Loves You", quintet with The Beatles and Billy Preston "Get Back", and that's just to name a few! 

Paul wrote the most covered song of all time with ovver 2,200 versions, "Yesterday".  He also wrote "Hey Jude" which became a the best-selling Beatles single, selling over five million copies in right when it was released.

In 1990 Paul had traveled "Across The Universe" as the IAU's Minor Planet Center named planet 4148 "McCartney" and in 1997 James Paul McCartney became Sir James Paul McCartney as Queen Elizabeth II knighted him for his contribution to the music world.  He's been honored with the Doctor of Music degree from Yale University and would become the last Beatle to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012.

Now I'm not a fortune teller, I'm just a student, a writer, a practicing musician, and an Apple Scruff but I can predict that Sir James Paul McCartney will receive many more awards and honors for his contributions to the music world. 

18 Days of McCartney Day 16- Children, Children

Children, children, where are you?
Hiding in the forest, playing in the rain
I hope you're not too far away for me to see again


Paul, Heather, Linda
Prior to Linda's marriage with Paul McCartney in 1969, she was engaged in a relationship with American geologist, Joseph Melville See Jr, whom she met at the University of Arizona and married on 18 June, 1962. Heather Louise See was born on 31 December, 1962 to the couple in Tuscon, Arizona. When she was six years old her mother and father had separated leaving Linda and Heather to go to New York where Linda pursued her career as a photographer. In 1967 Linda had met Paul McCartney and was soon invited to live with the musician in his St. John's Wood estate. Two years later on 12 March, 1969 Paul and Linda were married and Paul took over as Heather's adoptive father, where you can find her appearances in The Beatles film, Let It Be.

Heather McCartney

Just like her mother and now her adoptive father, Heather was interested in the arts, taking up photography where she won the Young Black and White Printer of the Year Award in Llford for a piece she called "Waterfall".  She went on to pursue her love for art throughout college where she took up pottery and design. 

In the early 1980s Heather was hospitalized after suffering from emotional disorders. On her release she decided to travel through Mexico where she became part of the Huichol and Tarahumara tribes. She moved around a few years later to live with her biological father, Joseph See in Arizona, but after her fathers sudden death on 19 March, 2000, after being found with a self inflicted gunshot wound, Heather moved to England and became a potter. In 1999 she launched her own house-ware products called Heather McCartney Houseware Collection.


Paul and Mary
Mary Anna McCartney was born on 28 August, 1969 in London becoming Paul's first child, in fact she was named after Paul's mother (read about her here).  When Mary was a few years old her parents had formed a group called Wings (read about Wings History here and Wings Tours here) where she would travel with the band as they played various gigs. She would grow up in the McCartney's Sussex estate as well as High Park Farm in Scotland. With her mother being a photographer, Mary is featured in many pictures of Paul on the road or photographic while growing up. Her most famous photograph is featured on McCartney's first solo album, McCartney, where she is seen tucked in her fathers jacket.

Traveling with Wings
Just as her mother she became a photographer and photo editor for Omnibus Press, a music book publisher; In 1992 she then became a professional photographer. Some of Mary's earliest work can be seen at the first official photo of UK Prime Minister Tony Blair with his family, after she had became close friends with Cherie Blair while campaigning for breast cancer awareness, in which Mary is a part of. Since then Mary has photographed Sam Taylor-Wood, Jude Law, Ralph Fienes, her young sister Stella, Paul McCartney, and much more.
In 1995 Mary met television producer and director, Alistair Donald, after being introduced by Mary's younger brother, James. The two dated for three years and arranged to be married for May 1998, due to the sudden death of Linda McCartney the wedding was postponed til 25 September, 1998. The following year on 3 April, 1999 and n the 1 August, 2002 the couple gave birth to Elliot Donald. The family would resign in Lauderdale Mansions South in Maida Vale, London. Unfortunately, in 2005 the couple separated with no public confirmation of divorce but the separation seemed to be permanent in 2007 when she began going back to Mary McCartney instead of Mary McCartney-Donald.

That same year she released her first exhibition with her work of offstage pictures of The Royal Ballet, London capturing the hard everyday lives of the performers calling the exhibit, Off Pointe: A Photographic Study of the Royal Ballet After in Brighton. Following this exhibit shes had several more solo;
Self portrait
  1. Off Pointe; A Photographic Study of the Royal Ballet After- 2004, 2005, 2007
  2. Playing Dress Up- 2007
  3. Backup - 2007
  4. British Style Observed - 2008
  5. Collective  Works - 2009
  6. From Where I Stand - 2010, 2011, 2012
  7. Developing - 2013
She went on to have four group shows;
  1. Schweppes Photographic Portrait Show- 1995
  2. 31 Studio EXPOSED, Platinum Prints - 2004
  3. Strength and Beauty Embodied by Avant- Garde Women - 2007
  4. Gay Icons - 2009
After separating from her first husband Mary had begun seeing Simon Aboud, a director whom she would have her third child, Sam Aboud, on 11 August , 2008. The couple had a private ceremony on 12 June, 2010 in London at the Marylebone Register Office. 3 September, 2011 The Aboud family grew bigger with their last addition, Sid.

Mary is active in campaigns to spread cancer awareness, Smile Train ( where she was asked to take photos of four children from Volgograd and Bejing) and she is an animal activist taking a great part in the McCartney's Meat Free Monday. In 2012 she released her own vegan cook book, Food


Traveling with Wings
Stella Nina McCartney became Paul and Linda's second child on 13 September, 1971 in Lambeth, London being named after Linda McCartney's grandmother. Just like Mary and Heather, Stella became part of the Wings traveling, in fact the name Wings came while Paul was praying while Linda was rushed in to the emergency caesarean section while giving birth to Stella. Paul had sat outside the operating room and prayed for the safety of his wife and child where he prayed for her to be born "on the wings of an angel." with an image of wings in his mind.

With all the riches, Paul wanted his children to lead as normal as a life as they could leading to Stella and her siblings to attend local state schools in East Sussex, where Stella was a victim of bullying. By age thirteen she had designed her first jacket. It was only three years later she became an intern for Christian Lacroix where she began  working on his first fashion design collection. She later studied at Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, fashion design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and graduated from Central St Martins in 1995 where supermodel and friends Naomi Campbell, Yasmin Le Bon, and Kate Moss modeled Stella's graduation collection for free.  The collection became a hit making front- page and being sold in a London boutique called Tokio and would be licensed to Browns, Josephs, Bergdorf Goodman, and even Neiman Marcus. After school  she began her passion for style and fashion starting her first collection. By 1997 she was working as a Creative Director of Chloe in Paris. In 1998 she designed her sister's wedding dress  for Mary's wedding to Alistair Donald.

In 2001 she launched her own fashion house with Gucci Group (now Kering) where she shared her first collection in Paris. Since then she now owns seventeen stores in London Mayfair, Manhattan's Soho, Paris' Palais Royal, LA's West Hollywood, Barcelon's Passeig de Garcia, Milan, Rome, and Miami. Her collections are being sold over fifty countries.

photographed by Linda
Two years later Stella launched her own perfume line calling it Stella. In 2004 her design was shown through a summer tour for Madonna's Re-Invention Tour and Annie Lennonx's tour. She also worked for the film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow for Gwyneth Paltrow and Jude Law's costumes. Some of her most recent works were when she began working with Adidas having a long-term partnership with the athletic line in September 2004. Adidas by Stella McCartney can be seen in 2010 when she was appointed by Great Britain's Creative Director for the 2012 Olympics, the first time a leading fashion designer has designed clothes for both the Olympic games and Paralympic Games. 2005 she became releasing her products for H&M in hopes of  selling more affordable options to her fans; when the her line with H&M was released  in November 2005 it was sold out immediately. She then launched CARE a 100% organic skincare line in January 2007. In March of the same year she began working in one hundred target stores, primarily in Australia. In 2010 McCartney began working with Disney to create jewlry inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Her work has also been seen in New York City Ballet's Ocean's Kingdom, which is based on an album by her father from 2011.

Stella and British publisher Alasdhair Wills were married at Mount Stuart House on Isle of Bute on 30 August, 2003. The dress she wore was an updated version of her mother's dress worn in 1969. The couple has since had four children, James (2005), Bailey Linda Olwyn (2006), Beckett Robert Lee (2008), and Reiley Dilys Stella (2010).

Stella McCartney
Paul McCartney presented Stella with the Designer of the Year Award by VH1/Vogue in 2000. Three years later she recived the Woman of Courage Award, for her work against cancer.  Best designer of the Year Glamour Award and the Star Honoree at the Fashion Group International Night of the Stars were presented to her in 2004. In 2005 she recieved the Organic Style Woman of the Year Award. The Elle Style Award for Best Designer of the Year and the Best Designer of the Year at the British Style Awards became part of her award collection in 2007. She recieved an Elle Award for Best Designer of the Year in Spain in 2008, that same year she recieved the Green Designer of the year at the ACE Awards. The following year she was honored by NRDC, Glamour magazine Woman of the Year, and featured in the Time100. 2011 she was had recieved the Red Carpet Award by the British Fashion Council. On New Years Honours for service to fashion 2013 she was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE). As of February 2013 she became one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK by BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour.

As an animal activist like her parents, her clothing represents that, for example one of her designs for Adidas says "Suitable for sport vegetarians".


photographed by Linda
12 September, 1977 the third McCartney child was born, James Louis named after Paul's father (read about him here) and Linda's Mother, Louise. As said with his older sisters, James would be on the road traveling with The Band on The Run, Wings. While on the road on McCartney's 1989 World Tour, James would have a tutor and would later attend Thomas Peacocke Communite College but started his love for music, surprisingly not because of his father but after seeing Michael J Fox perform in the film Back to the Future, James would later play Paul's Fender Stratocaster, previously owned by the great Carl Perkins, at age nine. The McCartney's had a scare when James was sixteen years old he was surfing with friends and was swept out to sea. The family was called and immediately arrived at the scene where they waited forty minutes for James, who returned on his own.

He would follow his love for music appearing on his fathers 1997 album, Flaming Pie, where he played guitar and drums on a few songs. In 1998 Linda released her own album, Wild Prairie, where James played lead guitar. He is also listed in Paul's 2001 album, Driving Rain as co-writer on certain tracks like "Spinning On An Axis" and "Back In The Sunshine Again".  In 2005 he joined his father on his US Tour.

Jame began recording his own music in 2008 with his father, David Kahne, and various other musicians.  He made his first US debut on 14 November, 2009 at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center where he performed his own solo material. He released his first EP on 21 September, 2010 with the name Avaliable Light.
"The music was inspired by The Beatles, Nirvana, The Cure, PJ Harvey, Radiohead - and all good music. It is basically rock 'n' roll, clean sounding and vocal. The words on the album refer to spirituality, love, family, trying to sort out one's life, and many other things."- James McCartney

 Since then he has toured the UK in February and March 2010 and the US in April, 2013, released his first solo album, Me.


Beatrice McCartney was born on 28 October, 2003 by McCartney's second wife, Heather Mills. In great respect and trying to keep the innocence of a young girl, Paul has kept Beatrice out of the star light as much as possible.

Deliver your children to the good, good life
Give 'em peace and shelter and a fork and knife