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7 Days of Starr Day 5- Drums

Read about Ringo's Early music from Day 2 of 7 Days of Starr.

Premier Mahogany Duroplastic Drum Kit:

Premier Mahogany Duroplastic Drum
From his days with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes to the early Beatles days Ringo had been playing on a Premier Mahogany Duroplastic Drum Kit. The Drum head started with his name "Ringo Starr" being presented on the front. The drum head would later be seen with the words "The Beatles" as he progressed into the music scene replacing The Beatles drummer, Pete Best, the "B" having antennas for the multi-meaning band name itself.

 Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl "Downbeat" Drum Kit:

On Thank Your Lucky Stars
The second drum kit he had is probably the most recognizable out of any band, Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl "Downbeat" drum kit. Moving on from the first recording together as a group where they recorded songs from "Twist and Shout" to the early version of "One After 909" Ringo had received his first Ludwig on 12 May, 1963 from Drum City in London. The drum head had changed it's immature, bug like font to a more cleaner logo and would make it's first debut during The Beatles performance on Thank You Lucky Stars.

Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl "Downbeat" Drum Kit:

on the Ed Sullivan Show

His third drum kit was the same as his second, a Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl "Downbeat" which would later be referred to as the "Sullivan Kit" as it can be seen during The Beatles performances on The Ed Sullivan show in 1964, while on the Ed Sullivan Show The Beatles logo was not present on the drum head.

Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl "Super Classic" Drum Kit:
I Am The Walrus video

On 31 May, 1964 Ringo received his first Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl "Super Classic" drum kit, which can be most recognized through its recording and touring and throughout it's 1967 use when The Beatles logo was stripped off the drum head and replaced with a Red and yellow colouring saying "The Beatles" and "Love".

Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl "Super Classic" Drum Kit:

He received his second Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl "Super Classic" kit just before The Beatles toured America on 13 August, 1965. After the US tour he would return to using his first "Super Classic".

during the rooftop concert

Ludwig Maple "Hollywood" Drum Kit:

The maple coloured drum used in the famous Beatles rooftop concert is a Ludwig Maple "Hollywood", or as some may know it as the "Let It Be Kit". The drum had a unique feature to it with it's Chrome Over Brass rim and dark drum head. The drum would later be seen again during another concert, The Concert For Bangladesh and once again with the legendary B.B King Live in London.

"'Drumming' is my middle name"- Ringo Starr
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