Thursday, October 16, 2014

John Lennon on Spotify

Yes, you read it correctly, the moment most of us Spotify listeners have been waiting for, John Lennon joins the other Beatles by coming to the music media site with a catalogue of his solo albums - Paul and Ringo who has already had their full discographies and George who has a few selected songs available.

A week ago today we celebrated what would of been John Lennon's 74th birthday, and what better way to remember the inspirational musician than having eight, yes eight of your favorite John Lennon and Plaistic Ono Band, albums streaming from your very own phone or computer. As part of the Spotify movement the following albums were added;

  1. Milk and Honey
  2. Plastic Ono Band
  3. Rock 'N' Roll
  4. Imagine
  5. Mind Games
  6. Sometime In New York City
  7. Walls and Bridges
  8. Double Fantasy
  1. Gimme Some Truth
  2. Signature Box
  3. Power To The People: The Hits

Although eight of John Lennon's albums starting from the 1970s to 1980 are available to stream, his work while experimenting with Yoko Ono in Unfinished Music No 1: Two Virgins, Unfinished Music No. 2: Life With The Lions and Wedding Album are not yet part of the Spotify collection.

The following was post via Twitter by John Lennon verified account (@JohnLennon) on 7 October, 2014.

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