Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Art of McCartney

“A celebration, not a tribute. A celebration of this man and all his incredible music. I had the privilege of hearing that first playback, two and a half hours of amazing music, which was a very emotional moment for Ralph and me.”- Chris Hutton on The Art of McCartney

Now we all know who Paul McCartney is, if not, then I'm afraid you're on the wrong website. But have no fear, you can simply learn about Sir James Paul McCartney by reading about his life, from young childhood to today's standards by reading 18 Days of McCartney, a tribute to the iconic music legend done this past June. However, 18 Days of McCartney was just a silly little writing piece by an ambitious sixteen year old, another tribute dedicated to a man who defines music will be released this Tuesday (18 November, 2014).

Ralph Sall's has spent twenty years working alongside more than two handfuls, in fact nearly over fort artists, from Billy Joel, Brian Wilson, Barry Gibb and even McCartney's hero, Bob Dylan, whom all paid tribute to Paul in this forty-two track album called, The Art of McCartney.

The Art of McCartney's official website states the following about creating the album;
"It was to be a long and winding road, but here it is at last: the project that testifies to the songwriting genius of Paul McCartney, and gathers together a glittering host of Paul’s peers paying tribute to… The Art Of McCartney."
Ralph Sall's  has built a successful career with his films such as Addams Family Values and Three Kings; not to mention his collaborations with other tribute albums from the Grateful Dead to The Eagles, and even The Doors . A fan of Paul himself, more than just heart, soul, blood, and sweat has gone into this "too good to be true" album. In fact Sall's has been working like a dog for nearly twenty years on perfecting this album working alongside more than forty artist, from rocker Alice Cooper to bluesy B.B. King to having a country flare with Willie Nelson, and many more, all whom have paid tribute to McCartney with their own covers to be featured on this album. Some covers include the early Beatles "Things We Said Today" from A Hard Days Night Album sung by the legendary, Bob Dylan. Another track to look forward to is The Who's Roger Daltrey's take on the speaker breaking "Helter Skelter".

McCartney however is not just known for his work with the mop-topped phenomenon, The Beatles, but with Paul McCartney and Wings, along with his solo work which have not been missed while creating the album. Billy Joel croons through the beloved "Maybe I'm Amazed" while Steve Miller rock's the upbeat "Junior's Farm".

"Anyone who tried to squeeze all that into a single package, would struggle. But Ralph Sall has managed to come through with a genuinely impressive array of artists, matched with a nicely judged choice of songs. With the label Arctic Poppy, they make the multi-format The Art Of McCartney a thoroughly fitting tribute to a truly exceptional body of work." - Patrick Humphries,
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