Tuesday, December 3, 2013

McCartney Success 2013

If you're unfamiliar with Sir Paul McCartney's new album, NEW, read about them here  and here .

This past year, ex-Beatle, Paul McCartney, went back into the studio to start recording his first solo album in six years! It was released today (December 3, 2013) that this new album was voted the fourth album of the year by Rolling Stone magazine.

"The sound of a 71-year-old Beatle getting back in the ring. McCartney plays to his strengths: Wings-like glam rock, Little Richard howls and, yep, some remarkably Beatlesque pop tunes and George Martin-ish arrangements (thanks partly to Martin's son, Giles, who produced several tracks). "Early Days" challenges lingering misconceptions about McCartney's role in the Beatles ("I don't see how they can remember/When they weren't where it was at"). Sir Paul also engages 21st-century pop with sharp ears, bringing in young-gun producers like Paul Epworth, Mark Ronson and Ethan Johns. He even rocks a quasi-rap flow and some giddy, Gaga-style stadium chants on "Queenie Eye." As Macca understands better than almost anyone, rock & roll is fueled by a hunger for good times and an ageless exuberance.
In late October, right after the albums release, NEW hit #3 in Billboard charts. Not only has NEW been successful for McCartney, but Paul was also awarded the "Best Individual Achievement of the Decade" by Vegfest UK Awards.

"The accolade was presented to Paul in recognition of his continued championing of vegetarianism, such as through his work with the Meat Free Monday campaign. The award was voted for by members of the public prior to the London Vegfest which took place recently at Kensington Olympia." -Paul McCartney via Facebook
Congrats Paul!
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