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18 Days of McCartney Day 8- Band on the Run; Wings Tours and preformances

Read about Wings History here.
"You could develop the most incredible Beatle or McCartney act and blow it by not keeping up with the times. Then it's going to be 'Oh, they're a very nice nostalgic group' and I don't want that."-Paul McCartney
Paul, always The Beatle who enjoyed preforming, wasn't hesitate to go back on the road with his new band. After releasing their first album, Wild Life,  Wings, with members Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Denny Laine, Denny Seiwell, and Henry McCullough, started their University Tour. It was in early February 1972 that Wings gathered at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) for five days [2 February -7 February] to rehearse for their first tour. A Tour not like any others, for they wouldn't be playing at big arenas like Wembley Stadium, they'd travel by van and show up unannounced at Universities and colleges and set up their equipment either in the school auditorium or on their campus. Playing at the followings schools;
Laine, McCullough, McCartney
  • Nottingham University, Nottingham England; 9 February
  • University of York, York England; 10 February
  • Hull University Weset Refectory, Kingstonn Upon Hull England; 11 February
  • Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne England; 13 February
  • Lancaster University, Lancaster England; 14 February
  • Leeds University, Leeds England; 16 February
  • Shefffield University, Sheffield England; 17 February
  • University of Salford, Salford England; 18 February
  • Birmingham University, Birmingham England; 21 February
  • Swansea University, Swansea Wales; 22 February
  • Oxford University, Oxford England; 23 February
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The concert prices were no more than 50p per person. The first wanting to be held at Ashby-de-la-Zouch who didn't have a venue which lead to Wings to play Nottingham, where 800 students and staff greeted the five. It was decided to play these unannounced concerts due to Paul not having toured since 1966 and the fear of having stage fright (like John Lennon had with his concert in Toronto), also critics. Wild Life had not received the reviews Wings had hoped for and Paul wanted to shelter his wife, who wasn't a performer or musician, from harsh reviews and even stage fright. In fact, when Wings played Leeds University Linda had panicked leading Paul to stop the show and offer her encouragement. These surprise shows did lead to some problems, for the band would sometimes show up in their van to a town where there were no schools or small venues.

The following 9 July, Wings had expanded their tours to a bigger venue and audience at the Chateau Fallon in France starting their Wings Over Europe Tour. From here they decided to continue to the following locations;
  •  Juan-les-Pins, Juan-les-Pins France; 12 July
  • Theatre Antique, Arles France; 13 July
  • a show was schedule in Lyon on 14 July, which was canceled.
    Henry McCullough at the back of The Wings Over Europe bus
  • Olympia, Paris France; 16 July
  • Zirkus-Krone-Bau, Munich Germany; 18 July
  • Offenbach-Halle, Frankfurt Germany; 19 July
  • Kongress-Halle, Zurich Switzerland; 21 July
  • Pavilion, Montreux Switzerland; 22 July
  • K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen Denmark; 1 August
  • Messuhalli, Helsinki Finland; 4 August
  • Idreats, Turku Finland; 5 August
  • Grona Lund, Stockholm Sweden; 7 August
  • Idrestashalle, Orebro Sweeden; 8 August
  • Njaardhallen, Oslo Norway; 9 August
  • Skandinavien Halle, Gothenburg Sweden; 10 August
  • Olympen, Lund Sweden; 11 August
  • Fyns Forum, Odense Denmark; 12 August
  • Vejiby-Risskov Hallen, Aarhus Denmark; 14 August
  • Rheinhalle, Dusseldorf Germany; 16 August
  • De Doelen, Rotterdam Netherlands; 17 August
  • Evenementenhal Martinihal, Groningen Netherlands; 19 August
  • Concertgebouw, Amsterdam Netherlands; 20 August
  • World Forum Convention Center, The Hague Belgium; 21 August
  • Cinema Roma, Antwerp Belgium; 22 August
  • Deutschlandhalle, Berlin Germany; 24 August
                                                                           Check out the average Set-list for the tour here

During the tour the McCartney's were busted for marijuana on their arrival in Sweden. This wasn't the only incident that the McCartney's ran into with drug  busts, not too long afterwards they'd be busted for having five cannabis plants. Wings would then help, with a once again unannounced performance to benefit Release, a British organization for those suffering with drug problems. Wings would later have an appearance at the end of a television film, James Paul McCartney, a documentary of Paul's life going through his childhood in Liverpool, videos of Paul dancing, Wing's James Bond theme "Live and Let Die", and Wings preforming The Beatles classic "Yesterday". The following video is "Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance" from the James Paul McCartney program;

By spring of 1973, Wings had released their second album Red Rose Speedway and with great success from their previous tour, where extra security was needed to drag fans off the stage, the band decided to promote their album and their new single for the James Bond film, "Live and Let Die" with Wings 1973 UK Tour. It was Brinsley Schwarz who supported Wings throughout the tour after asking Paul and Linda to preform after their London Hard Rock Cafe performance for the Release benefit concert. The tour started on 11 May 1973;
  • Bristol Hippodrome, Bristol England; 11 May
  • New Theatre, Oxford England; 12 May
  • Capitol Cinema and Theatre, Cardiff Wales; 13 May
  • Winter Gardens, Bournemouth England; 15 May
  • Hardrock, Mancester England; 16 and 17 May
  • Liverpool Empire Theatre, Liverpool England; 18 May two performances
  • Leeds University, Leeds England; 19 May
  • Guild Hall, Preston England; 21 May
  • Odeon Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne; 22 May
  • Odeon Cinema, Edinburgh Scotland; 23 May two performances
  • Green's Playhouse, Glasgow Scotland; 24 May
  • Hammersmith Odeon, London England; 25 and 26 May
  • City Hall, Sheffield England; 4 July
  • Birmingham Odeon, Birmingham; 6 July
  • Odeon, Leicester England; 9 July
  • City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne; 10 July
                                                                               Check out the average Set-list for the tour here

Following McCartney-McCartney-Laine's album, Band on the Run in 1973, the band had released Venus and Mars in 1975 and were working on Wings At The Speed of Sound (that would be released during the tour) which means another tour; Wing's most recognizable tour perhaps, Wings Over the World, with the new line up; Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Denny Laine, Jimmy McCulloch, and Joe English. Accompanying them on the tour were brass section; Tony Dorsey, Howie Casey, Steve Howard and Thaddeus Richard.  The tour would take place from 9 September, 1975 to 21 October, 1976  with sixty-six tours; sixteen in the UK alone, ten in Europe, thirty-one in North America, and nine in Australia. The tour was highly publicized having an audience of around a million suspect overall. It would be McCartney's first time performing in America since The Beatles last concert in 1966.

United Kingdom;
  • Gaumont, Southampton England; 9 Semptember
  • Hippodrome, Bristol England; 10 September
  • Capitol Theatre, Cardiff Wales; 11 Septmember
  • Free Trade Hall, Mancester England; 12 Septmeber
  • Hippodrome, Birmingham England; 13 September
  • Empire Theatre, Liverpool England; 15 Septmember
  • City Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne England; 16 September
  • Hammersmith Odeon, London England; 17 September
  • Usher Hall, Edinburgh England; 20 September
  • Apollo Centre, Glasgow Scotland; 21 September
  • Capitol Theatre, Aberdeen; 22 September
  • Caird Hall, Dundee Scotland; 23 September
The start of the tour started off not so easily for Wings, for instance at their first concert in Southampton, didn't have a prepared space for the PA system and a new one was quickly built and throughout the show would rest against the rear stall seats. Other times many trips to bring their equipment into the venues were very time consuming. With minor problems, such as hotel bookings and some concerts had loud speakers that blocked some audiences views, in which case Paul, Jimmy, and Denny would strut the stage and go out of their way to give those in the "bad" seat a better look. Also, the long process of moving and hauling equipment day to day the group and their fantastic roadies made it all possible and get the band set up for sound checks- usually around 5pm- and onto play another great concert, usually lasting from two to two and a half hours.

  • Entertainment Centre, Perth Australia; 1 November
  • Apollo Stadium, Adelaide Australia; 4 November
  • Hordern Pavillion, Sydney Australia; 5 and 7 November
  • Festival Hall, Brisbane Australia; 10 and 11 November
  • Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne; 13 and 14 November
 The stage performance for the World Tour was lead by Paul McCartney on piano, acoustic guitar (for their "little sit down") , bass; Linda McCartney on Keyboards and tambourine; Denny Laine on guitars, bass,snare drum and 12-string guitar; Jimmy McCulloch on guitar; and Joe English on drums.

  • Folketeatret, Copenhagen Denmark; 20 and 21 March
  • Deautschlandhalle, Berlin Germany; 23 March
  • Ahoy Sportpaleis, Rotterdam Netherlands; 25 March
  • Pavillon de Paris, Paris Franch; 26 March
Although now the band formally known as Wings had taken on the name Paul McCartney and Wings didn't show that in their performances. Although Paul did take the most lead vocals during the shows with songs like "Venus and Mars/Rockshow" , "Maybe I'm Amazed", "Call Me Back" and with his Beatles hits "Blackbird" and "Yesterday", Denny Laine had also taken his own stage time singing "Go Now" and "Spirits of Ancient Egypt". Jimmy was given his share of stage time with "Medicine Jar". Linda had her limelight while sitting with the band and singing back up vocals, it was Joe English who didn't sing during the performances but didn't go unnoticed for his flawless drumming. Billboard writer, Jim Fishel, reported the tour as a taste of Beatlemania, using the word "blooming" in McCartney's future. He went on to describe the wonderful drumming of Joe English, who was always on cue and was what kept the band together. Dallas Iconoclast 's, Gary McDonald, said that the best was yet to come for the band. It was impossible for someone to complain after seeing a concert by them.

North America;
            Also, known as Wings over America
  • Tarrant County Convention Hall, Forth Worth Texas United States; 3 May
  • the Summit, Houston, Texas United States; 4 May
  • Olympia, Detroit, Michigan, United States; 7 May
  • Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario Canada; 8 and 9 May
  • Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, Ohio United States; 10 May
  • Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 12 and 14 May
  • Capital Centre, Landover, Maryland United States; 15 and 16 May
  • Omni Coliseum, Atlanta, Georgia United States; 18 and 19 May
  • Nassua Coliseum, Uniondale, New York United States; 21 May 
  • Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts United States; 22 May
  • Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York United States; 24 and 25 May
  • Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, Ohio Untied; 27 May
  • Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri United States; 29 May
  • Chicago Stadium, Chicago, Illinois Untied; 31 May, 1 and 2 June
  • Civic Center, St. Paul, Minesota United States; 4 June
  • McNichols Arena, Denver Colorado, United States; 7 June
  • Kingdome, Seattle, Washington Untied States; 10 June
  • Cow Palace, Daly City, California United States, 13 and 14 June
  • San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California United States; 16 June
  • Convention Center, Tucson, Arizona Untied States; 18 June
  • The Forum, Inglewood, California; 21, 22, 23 June
During their stay in America they had a customized plane reading "Wings Over America" on the exterior. On board the plane the band had a living room, table tennis, dartboard, and even a table football. It was on this tour that Paul McCartney and Wings had broke the record for the largest indoor concert attendance of all time at the Kingdome, Seattle with 67,000 fans! The tour in America had brought such success that the band would release an album with their Wings Over The World Set-list through their various venues in America; this album would be known as Wings Over America. The McCartney were a little nervous at first arrival in America, for it was Paul's first time playing there in a decade. Linda was quoted with Hunter Davies saying;
"I'd love to put the critics up there on stage and see them do better. You lose a few years of your life on stage. You live on your adrenalin. When it's over I want to crash out and go and live in Scotland for a while. We've got to do America to prove we can do it."
  • Stadthalle, Vienna Austria; 19 September
  • Dom Sportova, Zagreb Yugoslavia; 21 Septmember
  • Sala Kongresowa Warsaw Poland; 23 September
  • Piazza San Marco, Venice Italy; 25 September
  • Olympiahalle, Munich Germany; 27 Septmeber
"We weren't sure before but now we're convinced- Paul McCartney isn't human after all. Any man who can do what Paul does with his music has got to be an exalted Wizard."- William Barber, The Long Island Press reporter
The Wings Over America Tour had been a great success with only three more shows to go. The shows had even attracted celebrities such as The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, actor Jack Nicholson, and even Ringo made an appearance walking onstage careering a bouquet of flowers. Wings didn't just bring in an audience of all kind but with their tour in Europe had help saved the city of Venice, where at this point of time was being lost and decaying. It was city politicians s who turned to musicians such as Ravi Shankar, and during this time had saw Wings as a way to raise awareness. Wings agreed to help and had even paid for the event themselves as the put on one of their  historic shows for a 30,000 audience.

Wings Over Wembley
  • Empire Pool, London England; 19, 20, 21 October
By the end of the World Tour the band had become known as one of the best bands in the world, even the shy Linda was now getting her own following by the end of the Wembley performances having the audience chant her name. The Wings Over The World Tour had come to and end and can go down in history as one of the best tours of all time.

                                                                 Check out the average Set-list for this tour here

The Following video is "Silly Love Songs" performed live at Seattle, Washington. So "If there's anybody who would like to move around a bit, shake your bum." this is for you;

By 1979 Jimmy McCulloch and Joe  English had left the band on their own terms to fulfill other music ambitions, leaving Laurence Juber and Steve Holley to replace them. It was during this time Wings had released their newest album, Back To The Egg, and were ready to set off on a nineteen-date tour, Wings UK Tour 1979.
  • Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool England; 23, 24, 25,26 November
  • The Apollo, Manchester England; 28 and 29 November
  • Gaumonth, Southampton England; 1 December
  • New Conference Centre, Brighton England; 2 December
  • Lewisham Odeon, London England; 3 Decemeber
  • The Rainbow Theatre, London England; 5 December
  • Empire Pool, London England; 7,8,9, and 10 December
  • Birmingham Odeon, Birmingham England; 12 December
  • City Halls, Newcastle upon Tyne England; 14 December
  • Odeon, Edinburgh Scotland; 15 and 16 December
  • Apollo, Glasgow Scotland; 17 December
  • Hammersmith Apollo, London England; 29 December
                                                  Check out the average Set-list for this tour here.

And that concludes the Paul McCartney and Wings tours.
Peace and Chaos to you all or as Paul would say,
"That it is, see you next time Seattle, Canada and America. I Love ya!" -Paul McCartney, Rock Show

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