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18 Days of McCartney Day 13- Albums

Let me tell ya, do you fancy a bit of Rock 'n' Roll?

From McCartney in 1970 to New in 2013,  Sir James Paul McCartney has released a total of twenty- four studio and eight live albums! In this post you'll find a little history of each album, from Paul solo, Paul and Linda, and even Paul McCartney and Wings. To hear each album simple click on the green, bolded album name for a Youtube link.

McCartney, 1970;

McCartney was released on 17 April, 1970. The album was recorded secretly during his parting time with The Beatles from December 1969- February 1970. In 1968 The Beatles began recording Let It Be which was set to be released in March of 1970, it had now became sure that The Beatles were bound to split with Paul releasing his first solo album and Ringo on the way with his Sentimental Journey, also, both albums being recorded after John made the statement that he wanted to divorce The Beatles on 20 September, 1969. His album was due to be released in mid-April, as it was settled with Apple Records that way. It had now became late March and Phil Spector had told the group that the Let It Be album was almost complete, it was at this point on 31 March that John Lennon and George Harrison tried to tell Paul he had to postpone his album to the 4th of June allow The Beatles Let It Be to get enough recognition. This caused a feud with Paul, he had already allowed The Beatles and their new manager Allen Klein to push his album back a week to allow Ringo's album to get publicized. The album, to spite of the other three and Klein, was released as told, on 17 April. The album consists the following tracks;
  1. The Lovely Linda
  2. That Would Be Something
  3. Valentine Day
  4. Every Night
  5. Hot as Sun/Glasses
  6. Junk
  7. Man We Was Lonely
  8. Oo You
  9. Momma Miss America
  10. Teddy Boy
  11. Singalong Junk
  12. Maybe I'm Amazed
  13. Kreen-Akrore 

Ram, 1971;

After The Beatles break up Paul and his new wife, Linda, had found themselves living in Scotland to get away from it all. It was during this time that Paul and Linda had wrote the 1971 album, Ram. Read about the 2012 release of the album here.
  1. Too Many People
  2. 3 Les
  3. Ram On
  4. Dear Boy
  5. Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey
  6. Smile Away
  7. Heart of the Country
  8. Monkberry Moon Delight
  9. Eat at Home
  10. Long Haired Lady
  11. Ram On
  12. The Back Seat of My Car
Wild Life, 1971;

3 August, 1971 Paul had formed a new band that would go on to shape his career as an ex-Beatle along with shaping the 1970s; Wings. Read about Wings History here and Wings Tours here. The bands first album wasn't too successful as the group hoped with reviews saying "Just when he (McCartney) needed a break" and others feeling that the album was rushed.
  1. Mumbo
  2. Bip Bop
  3. Love is Strange
  4. Wild Life
  5. Some People Never Know
  6. I Am Your Singer
  7. Tomorrow
  8. Dear Friend
Red Rose Speedway, 1973;

By this time Wings had become known as Paul McCartney and Wings as credited to on their second album, Red Rose Speedway. To some critics surprise the album was not at all like their first, instead this album had reached it way to number 1 in Billboard 200. The album was released on 30 April, 1973 (US) and 4 May, 1973 (UK).
  1. Big Barn Bed
  2. My Love
  3. Get on the Right Thing
  4. One More Kiss
  5. Little Lamb Dragonfly
  6. Single Pigeon
  7. When the Night
  8. Loup (1st Indian on the Moon)
  9. Medley; Hold Me Tight/ Lazy Dynamite/ Hands of Love/ Power Cut
Band on the Run, 1973;

By this time in Wings history guitarist  Henry McCullough and drummer Denny Seiwell had quit the band, right before Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, and Denny Laine, wrote, recorded, and released Wings most successful album of all time, which later became 1974s top-selling studio album in both the United Kingdom and Australia; Band on the Run. Released on 5 December, 1973 (US) and 7 December, 1973 (UK).
  1. Band on the Run
  2. Jet
  3. Bluebird
  4. Mrs. Vanderbilt
  5. Let Me Roll It
  6. Mamunia
  7. No Words
  8. Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)
  9. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five
Venus and Mars, 1975;

On 27 May, 1975 Wings released their fourth album, Venus and Mars, which would continue the success streak.  The album became the first post-Beatles Paul McCartney album to be released under Capitol Records label instead of Apple Records, which was co-found by Paul himself.
  1. Venus and Mars
  2. Rock Show
  3. Love in Song
  4. You Gave Me The Answer
  5. Magneto and Titanim Man
  6. Letting Go
  7. Venus and Mars (Reprise)
  8. Spirits of Ancient Egypt
  9. Medicine Jar
  10. Call Me Back Again
  11. Listen to What the Man Said
  12. Treat Her Gently/ Lonely Old People
  13. Crossroads Theme
Wings at the Speed of Sound, 1976;

During Wings World Tour, the band released their fifth album, Wings at the Speed of Sound on 25 March, 1976. The album would included each band member, now including Paul, Linda, Denny Laine, Jimmy McCulloch, and Joe English, taking lead vocal.
  1. Let 'Em In
  2. The Note You Never Wrote
  3. She's My Baby
  4. Beware My Love
  5. Wino Junko
  6. Silly Love Songs
  7. Cook of the House
  8. Time to Hide
  9. Must Do Something About It
  10. San Ferry Anne
  11. Warm and Beautiful
Wings Over America, 1976 (Live);

Due to Wings great success on it's World Tour, especially in America, an album to promote the band and their future live performances, a triple album with track listing of Wings live performances was released on 10 December, 1976; Wings Over America. The original release contained three records (as it was a triple album) and a poster of the band on tour.
  1. Venus and Mars/Rock Show/ Jet
  2. Let Me Roll It
  3. Spirits of Ancient Egypt
  4. Medicine Jar
  5. Maybe I'm Amazed
  6. Call Me Back Again
  7. Lady Madonna
  8. The Long and Winding Road
  9. Live and Let Die
  10. Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)
  11. Richard Cory
  12. Bluebird
  13. I've Just seen a Face
  14. Blackbird
  15. Yesterday
  16. You Gave Me the Answer
  17. Magneto and Titanium Man
  18.  Go Now
  19. My Love
  20. Listen to What the Man Said
  21. Let 'Em In
  22. Time To Hide
  23. Silly Love Songs
  24. Beware My Love
  25. Letting Go
  26. Band on the Run
  27. Hi, Hi, Hi
  28. Soily
London Town, 1978;

Once again Wings was back to Paul, Linda, and Denny Laine, as Jimmy McCulloch and Joe English had went off to focus on other music ambitions. The three original and remaining Wings members would release their sixth studio album on 31 March, 1978.
  1. London Town
  2. Café on the Left Bank
  3. I'm Carrying
  4. Backwards Traveller
  5. Cuff Link
  6. Children, Children
  7. Girlfriend
  8. I've Had Enough
  9. With a Little Luck
  10. Famous Groupies
  11. Deliver Your Children
  12. Name and Address
  13. Don't Let It Bring You Down
  14. Morse Moose and the Grey Goose
Back to the Egg, 1979;

Just like before, when two members leave the band, two members join, in this case it was drummer Steve Holly and guitarist Laurence Juber. On 24 May, 1976 (US), 8 June, 1979 (UK) Wings released their seventh and final album, Back to the Egg.
  1. Reception
  2. Getting Closer
  3. We're Open Tonight
  4. Spin It On
  5. Again and Again and Again
  6. Old Siam, Sir
  7. Arrow Through Me
  8. Rockestra Theme
  9. To You
  10. After the Ball/Million Miles
  11. Winter Rose/ Love Awake
  12. The Broadcast
  13. So Glad to See You Here
  14. Baby's Request
McCartney II, 1980;

After the release of Back to the Egg, Wings was pending with a tour soon to take place, as Paul began to work on his second solo album, McCartney II. The album would be released on 16 May, 1980 (US) and 22 May, 1980 (UK).
  1. Coming Up
  2. Temporary Secretary
  3. On the Way
  4. Waterfalls
  5. Nobody Knows
  6. Front Parlour
  7. Summer's Day Song
  8. Frozen Jap
  9. Bogey Music
  10. Darkroom
  11. One of These Days
Tug of War, 1981;

Paul's third solo album was released on 26 April, 1982 and would reunite McCartney with old Beatles producer at EMI studios, George Martin. The album would feature "Here Today" a song written about his love for ex-bandmate, John Lennon, who was assassinated the previous 8 December. Stevie Wonder is featured on "What's That You're Doing" and "Ebony and Ivory"; the album also features Carl Perkins "Get It".
  1. Tug of War
  2. Take It Away
  3. Somebody Who Cares
  4.  What's That You're Doing
  5. Here Today
  6. Ballroom Dancing
  7. The Pound is Sinking
  8. Wanderlust
  9. Get It
  10. Be What You See (Link)
  11. Dress Me Up as a Robber
  12. Ebony and Ivory
Pipes of Peace, 1983;

On 31 October, 1983 Paul released his fifth solo studio album calling it Pipes of Peace. Featured on the tracks "Say, Say, Say" and "The Man" is Michael Jackson.
  1. Pipes of Peace
  2. Say, Say, Say
  3. The Other Me
  4. Keep Under Cover
  5.  So Bad
  6. The Man
  7. Sweetest Little Show
  8. Average Person
  9. Hey, Hey
  10. Tug of Peace
  11. Through Our Love
Give My Regards to Broad Street, 1984;

The album is the soundtrack to the 1984 film, Give My Regards to Broad Street, a film about Paul McCartney with records from his Beatles days to Wings to solo.  The album would be released on 22 October, 1984.
  1. No More Lonely Nights
  2. Good Day Sunshine
  3. Corridor Music
  4. Yesterday
  5. Here, There and Everywhere
  6. Wanderlust
  7. Ballroom Dancing
  8. Silly Love Songs
  9. Silly Love Songs ( reprise)
  10. Not Such a Bad Boy
  11. So Bad
  12. No Values
  13. No More Lonely Nights (reprise)
  14. For No One
  15. Eleanor Rigby
  16. Eleanor's Dream
  17. The Long and Winding Road
  18. No More Lonely Nights (Playout version)
  19. Goodnight Princess
Press to Play, 1986;

Released on 22 August, 1986, Press to Play became the sixth solo album by Paul McCartney.
  1. Stranglehold
  2. Good Times Coming/ Feel the Sun
  3. Talk More Talk
  4. Footprints
  5. Only Love Remains
  6. Press
  7. Pretty Little Head
  8. Move Over Buskers
  9. Angry
  10. However Absurb
Choba B CCCP, 1988;

Also known as the Russian Album, was released 31 October, 1988. The album being originally released in the Soviet Union with McCartney covering songs from Paul's teenage years of rock and roll.
  1. Kansas City
  2. Twenty Flight Rock
  3. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
  4. I'm in Love Again
  5. Bring It On Home to Me
  6. Lucile
  7. Don't Get Around Much Anymore
  8. I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
  9. That's All Right Mama
  10. Summertime
  11. Ain't That a Shame
  12. Crackin' Up
  13. Just Because
  14. Midnight Special
Flowers In The Dirt, 1989;

On the albums release Paul had launched another world tour, the fist since he was with Wings twelve years prior. The album was released on 5 June, 1989.
  1. My Brace Face
  2. Rough Ride
  3. You Want Her Too
  4. Distractions
  5. We Got Married
  6. Put It There
  7. Figure of Eight
  8. This One
  9. Don't Be Careless Love
  10. That Day Is Done
  11. How Many People
  12. Motor of Love
Tripping the Live Fantastic, 1990 (Live);

Released on 29 October, 1990. The album was released as a triple LP, Double cassette and CD.
  1. Showtime
  2. Figure of Eight
  3. Jet
  4. Rough Ride
  5. Got To Get You Into My Life
  6. Band On The Run
  7. Birthday
  8. Ebony and Ivory
  9. We Got Married
  10. Inner City Madness
  11. Maybe I'm Amazed
  12. The Long and Winding Road
  13. Crackin' Up
  14. The Fool on the Hill
  15. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  16. Can't Buy Me Love
  17. Matchbox
  18. Put It There
  19. Together
  20. Things We Said Today
  21. Eleanor Rigby
  22. This One
  23. My Brave Face
  24. Back in the U.S.S.R
  25. I Saw Her Standing There
  26. Twenty Flight Rock
  27. Coming Up
  28. Sally
  29. Let It Be
  30. Ain't That A Shame
  31. Live and Let Die
  32. If I Were Not Upon The Stage
  33. Hey Jude
  34. Get Back
  35. Golden Slumbers/ Carry That Weight/ The End
  36. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
Tripping the Live Fantastic: Highlights!
  1. Got To Get You Into My Life
  2. Birthday
  3. We Got Married
  4. The Long and Winding Road
  5. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
  6. Can't Buy Me Love
  7. All My Trials
  8. Put It There
  9. Things We Said Today
  10. Eleanor Rigby
  11. My Brave Face
  12. Back in the U.S.S.R
  13. I Saw Her Standing There
  14. Coming Up
  15. Let It Be
  16. Hey Jude
  17. Get Back
  18. Golden Slumbers/ Carry That Weight/ The End
Unplugged (The Official Bootleg), 1991 (Live);

When it came to releasing bootlegs and demos, Paul was The Beatles to go to. He loved those and thought that the fans should hear them as well. Released on 20 May, 1991.
  1. Be-Bop-A-Lula
  2. I Lost My Little Girl
  3. Here, There and Everywhere
  4. Blue Moon of Kentucky
  5. San Francisco Bay Blues
  6. We Can Work It Out
  7. I've Just Seen a Face
  8. Every Night
  9. She's a Woman
  10. Hi- Heel Sneakers
  11. And I Love Her
  12. That Would Be Something
  13. Blackbird
  14. Ain't No Sunshine
  15. Good Rockin' Tonight
  16. Singing the Blues
  17. Junk
Off the Ground, 1993;

Released on 2 February, 1993 (UK) and 9 February, 1993 (US) becoming the first solo studio album of the 1990s for McCartney.
  1. Off the Ground
  2. Looking for Changes
  3. Hope of Deliverance
  4. Mistress and Maid
  5. I Owe It All to You
  6. Biker Like and Icon
  7. Peace in the Neighbourhood
  8. Golden Earth Girl
  9. The Lovers That Never Were
  10. Get Out of My Way
  11. Winedark Open Sea
  12. C'mon People
Paul Is Live, 1993 (Live);

Just like Wings Over America, the album was in support of Paul's world tour.
  1. Drive My Car
  2.  Let Me Roll It
  3. Looking For Changes
  4. Peace in the Neighbourhood
  5. All My Loving
  6. Robbie's Bit
  7. Good Rockin' Tonight
  8. We Can Work It Out
  9. Hope of Deliverance
  10. Michelle
  11. Biker Like an Icon
  12. Here, There and Everywhere
  13. My Love
  14. Magical Mystery Tour
  15. C'mon People
  16. Lady Madonna
  17. Paperback Writier
  18. Penny Lane
  19. Live and Let Die
  20. Kansas City
  21. Welcome to Soundcheck
  22. Hotel In Benidorm
  23. I Wanna Be Your Man
  24. A Fine Day

Flaming Pie, 1997;

The album featured many friends and family members such as, Jeff Lynne, Steve Miller, Ringo Starr, and even Paul's own son, James McCartney. The album also contains "Little Willow" a tribute to Ringo Starr's first wife, Maureen Cox, who unfortunately passed away in 1994 from leukemia.
  1. The Song We Were Singing
  2. The World Tonight
  3. If You Wanna
  4. Somedays
  5. Young Boy
  6. Calico Skies
  7. Flaming Pie
  8. Heaven on a Sunday
  9. Used to Be Bad
  10. Souvenir
  11. Little Willow
  12. Really Love You
  13. Beautiful Night
  14. Great Day
Run Devil Run, 1999;

Just like Choba B CCCP, the album features rock and roll songs from Paul's childhood. It also contains three original songs by McCartney.
  1. Blue Jean Bop
  2. She Said Yeah
  3. All Shook Up
  4. Run Devil Run
  5. No Other Baby
  6. Lonesome Town
  7. Try Not to Cry
  8. Movie Magg
  9. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  10. What It Is
  11. Coquette
  12. I Got Stung
  13. Honey Hush
  14. Shake a Hand
  15. Party
Driving Rain, 2001;

The album was released prior to Paul's marriage with his second wife, Heather Mills (whom he married on 11 June, 2002), on 12 November, 2001.
  1. Lonely Road
  2. From a Lover to a Friend
  3. She's Given Up Talking
  4. Driving Rain
  5. I Do
  6. Tiny Bubble
  7. Magic
  8. Your Way
  9. Spinning on an Axis
  10. About You
  11. Heather
  12. Back in the Sunshine Again
  13. Your Loving Flame
  14. Riding into Jaipur
  15. Rinse the Raindrops
  16. Freedom
Back In the U.S, 2002 (Live);

A double live album from his Driving USA Tour to support his new release, Driving Rain. The album was released on 11 November, 2002.
  1. Hello, Goodbye
  2. Jet
  3. All My Loving
  4. Getting Better
  5. Coming Up
  6. Let Me Roll It
  7. Lonely Road
  8. Driving Rain
  9. Your Loving Flame
  10. Blackbird
  11. Every Night
  12. We Can Work It Out
  13. Mother Nature's Son
  14. Vanilla Sky
  15. Carry That Weight
  16. The Fool on the Hill
  17. Here Today
  18. Something
  19. Eleanor Rigby
  20. Here, There and Everywhere
  21. Band on the Run
  22. Back in the U.S.S.R
  23. Maybe I'm Amazed
  24. C Moon
  25. My Love
  26. Can't Buy Me Love
  27. Freedom
  28. Live and Let Die
  29. Let It Be
  30. Hey Jude
  31. The Long and Winding Road
  32. Lady Madonna
  33. I Saw Her Standing There
  34. Yesterday
  35. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/ The End
Back in the World, 2003 (Live);
The same as Back in the US except it simply was not in the US but in the World. Released 17 March, 2003.
  1. Hello, Goodbye
  2. Jet
  3. All My Loving
  4. Getting Better
  5.  Coming Up
  6. Let Me Roll It
  7. Lonely Road
  8. Driving Rain
  9. Your Loving Flame
  10. Blackbird
  11. Every Night
  12.  We Can Work it Out
  13. Mother Nature's Son
  14. You Never Give Me Your Money/ Carry That Weight
  15. The Fool on the Hill
  16. Here Today
  17. Something
  18. Eleanor Rigby
  19. Here, There and Everywhere
  20. Calico Skies
  21. Michelle
  22. Band on the Run
  23. Back in the U.S.S.R
  24. Maybe I'm Amazed
  25. Let 'Em In
  26. My Love
  27. She's Leaving Home
  28. Can't Buy Me Love
  29. Live and Let Die
  30. Let It Be
  31. Hey Jude
  32. The Long and Winding Road
  33. Lady Madonna
  34. I Saw Her Standing There
  35. Yesterday
  36. Sgt.. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/ The End
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, 2005;

The album would be the last album released for McCartney's longtime recordings with EMI. Just like McCartney and McCartney II,  Paul would be featured playing nearly every instrument.
  1. Fine Line
  2. How Kind of You
  3. Jenny Wren
  4. At the Mercy
  5. Friends to Go
  6. English Tea
  7. Too Much Rain
  8. A Certain Softness
  9. Riding to Vanity Fair
  10. Follow Me
  11. Promise to You Girl
  12. This Never happened Before
  13. Anyway
Memory Almost Full, 2007;

After ending his contract with EMI Studios, Paul signed with Starbucks Hear Music. Released on 4 June, 2007.
  1. Dance Tonight
  2. Ever Present Past
  3. See Your Sunshine
  4. Only Mama Knows
  5. You Tell Me
  6. Mr. Bellamy
  7. Gratitude
  8. Vintage Clothes
  9. That Was Me
  10. Feet in the Clouds
  11. House of Wax
  12. The End of the End
  13. Nod Your Head
Good Evening New York City, 2009 (Live);

From Paul's three night performances in New York.
  1. Drive My Car
  2. Jet
  3. Only Mama Knows
  4. Flaming Pie
  5. Got To Get You Into My Life
  6. Let Me Roll It
  7. Highway
  8. The Long an Winding Road
  9. My Love
  10. Blackbird
  11. Here Today
  12. Dance Tonight
  13. Calico Skies
  14. Mrs. Vandebilt
  15. Eleanor Rigby
  16. Sing the Changes
  17. Band on The Run
Kisses On The Bottom, 2012;

The album consists solely of McCartney covering traditional pop and jazz music. Paul however did write "My Valentine", which was written about his new wife Nancy Shevell,  and "Only Our Hearts".

  1. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
  2. Home (When Shadows Fall)
  3. It's Only a Paper Moon
  4. More I Cannot Wish You
  5. The Glory of Love
  6. We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)
  7. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive
  8. My Valentine
  9. Always
  10. My Very Good Friend the Milkman
  11. Bye, Bye Blackbird
  12. Get Yourself Another Fool
  13. The Inch Worm
  14. Only Our Hearts
New, 2013;

Unlike Kisses on The Bottom, New was a rather upbeat album with songs based around and was inspired by Paul's early Beatles days. The album had four producers working on it, Mark Ronson, Ethan Johns, Paul Epworth, and George Martin's son, Giles.
  1. Save Us
  2. Alligator
  3. On My Way to Work
  4. Queenie Eye
  5. Early Days
  6.  New
  7. Appreciate
  8. Everybody Out There
  9. Hosanna
  10. I Can Bet
  11. Looking at Her
  12. Roads
  13. With hidden track "Scared"

Where will Sir Paul's music take him now?

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