Sunday, September 8, 2013

Making "Let It Be" was hell

"It's The Beatles with their suits off."-John Lennon

Some say "Let It Be" is the 'Break-up' album, and they are right. For four decades Howard Smith, a journalist of Village Voice, has had an audio interview with John Lennon. The Interview was in 1969 around the time The Beatles finished or were finishing recording Their last recording as a group for "Let It Be", released on May 8, 1970. To no surprise the interview was held with Smith himself, John Lennon and Yoko Ono were John said,
"We were going through hell. We often do. It's torture every time we produce anything. The Beatles haven't got any magic you haven't got. We suffer like hell anytime we make anything, and we got each other to contend with. Imagine working with The Beatles, it's tough."
He later claims,
 "We never really finished it. We didn't really want to do it. Paul was hustling for us to do it. It's The Beatles with their suits off."
During this time The Beatles were making a film with the name that followed the album, "Let It Be". The album was really to be the soundtrack for the film and made Rolling Stone Magazines top 500 Greatest Albums. In the late 60's The Beatles were already falling apart. Their manager, Brian Epstein passed away and they later searched for a new manager, Allen Klein who they all favored except Paul, it was one of the first major things The Beatles didn't agree on as a group. On September 20,1969 John told Paul he wanted a 'divorce' and Ringo had already left the band for a little bit during "The Beatles (White Album)" recordings and George walked on a few sessions too. All Beatles claiming McCartney taking charge, they all show anger towards Paul in solo songs, John's "How Do You Sleep", which he later claims he wrote about himself, Ringo's "Back Off Boogaloo" and George's "Run Of The Mill".

With Howard Smith, John States about The Beatles touring and working,
"It was complete madness from morning to night without a moments peace." and going on saying "And of course there were great moments and when we talk about it it's all laugh but when you get down to the physical reality it was all pain."
John's interview with Howard Smith will be for sale by RP Auction in mid September.
 "It's a frank and honest interview from one of the most revered musicians and activists of all time,"-Bobby Livingston, Vice President of RP Auction
Livingston estimates the tape will sell for a minimum bid of $300 and could potentially reach $5,000 and $10,000.

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