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RAM Reissued

Found a post from my old school blog, 2012. I wrote this on May 23, 2012 hope you enjoy.

As some may know Paul McCartney has reissued his and Linda McCartney's (Wife) beloved RAM album. RAM was released in May of 1971, also marking it as the only Paul McCartney album to be credit to a pair, being both Paul and his lovely wife Linda (More information about the quick background of RAM is located in between the following two videos). This album consists of many of Paul greatest hits including my favorites Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey and Another Day.

The tracks included are:

  • Too Many People- P.McCartney- 4:10
  • 3 Legs- P.McCartney-2:44
  • Ram On- P.McCartney-2:66
  • Dear Boy- P.McCartney/L.McCartney-2:12
  • Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey-P.McCartney/L.McCartney -4:49
  • Smile Away-P.McCartney-3:51
  • Heart Of The Country-P.McCartney/L.McCartney- 2:21
  • Monkberry Moon Delight-P.McCartney/L.McCartney-5:21
  • Eat At Home- P.McCartney/L.McCartney-3:18
  • Long Haired Lady -P.McCartney/L.McCartney-2:21
  • Ram On (Reprise) P.McCartney-0:52
  • The Back Seat of My Car-P.McCartney-4:26
Bonus Tracks on the 1993 Reissue

  • Another Day -P.McCartney/L.McCartney-3:41
  • Oh Woman, Oh Why-P.McCartney/L.McCartney-4:36

This Album was during the break up of The Beatles, do to the fact that The Beatles officially broke up in April 1970 but were legally binded together till 1977. As Paul McCartney was the first to officially leave the band he headed to his farm house in Scotland where he recorded his first Album, McCartney. McCartney was recorded and do to be released before The Beatles Let It Be, but since The Beatles break up wasn't official at the time McCartney had to be released a week or so after The Beatles Let It Be album was released to the public. RAM was marked as his second album as a solo artist, in this case as a pair.

RAM is now being reissued and can be bought now at This is being able to be purchase on Deluxe Collector's Edition Box Set, including the following;

  • 4 CDS- including 1977 'Thrillington' release
  • Bonus DVD
  • 112-page book
  • photo prints
  •  handwritten lyrics (and more all housed in a collector’s box)
  • plus CD, 2 CD Special Edition, Download and 180g 2LP Gatefold Vinyl.
Picture and Video(s):
  •  The first or Top picture can be easily defined as Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney's RAM album cover. 
  • The Video Below The Picture: The RAM trailer now being released. It goes into depth about the recording and making of RAM.--highly recommend if interested
  •  Last or Bottom video: Sir (James)Paul McCartney himself talking about RAM and it's new release. 
For more information about Paul McCartney's Reissued check out both Paul McCartney's Facebook page and Twitter  at Paul McCartney Facebook and Paul McCartney Twitter

I'd love to hear your inputs on the Album and videos.  Feel free to leave comments on your favorite video, or track on The McCartney's RAM. 
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