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25 Days Of Harrison Day 2- Early Childhood (Siblings, Homes, and Early School)

George Harrison and Family
On 25 February, 1943 George Harrison was born into a family of five, making him the sixth. His oldest sibling was his only sister Louise who was born in 1931. George had two brothers, Harry, who was born in 1934, and Peter who was born in 1940.

"I had two brothers and one sister - my sister was twelve when I was born; she'd taken her Eleven Plus. I don't really remembering much of her from my childhood because she left home when she was seventeen. She went to teacher college and didn't' come back."- George Harrison
Louise had moved to America and when The Beatles had become big she was in charge of reporting to Brian and the group  about how The Beatles were making in America.
George and Louise
"I told him that The Beatles weren't getting any airplay over here, that they really need to play on The Ed Sullivan Show, which they had never heard of." - Louise Harrison
 It was released in 2011 that Louise will be writing a publishing book all about The Beatles and her brother, she was hoping for it to come out this past September or for it to of been out by the end of 2013.
" So much garbage has been written about George and The Beatles. Half of the stuff have been written by people who spent maybe an hour on a plane with The Beatles. Now I think it's my duty to get the truth out."- Louise, 30 November 2011
Harry was his oldest brother and would be the one who gave John, Paul and George one of their earliest gigs at his wedding.

George and Peter
Peter was only a few years older than George making them, probably the closest growing up.When George was first getting into guitars he bought one off of his old school friend as he was messing around with the neck the neck fell off. George through the two pieces in a cupboard and Peter was the one who took the guitar and fixed it for him.

"Our house was very small. Two up and two down - step straight in off the pavement, step right out of the backroom. The front room was never used. It had the posh lino and a three piece suite, was freezing cold and nobody ever went in it, we'd all huddled together in the kitchen, where the fire was, with the kettle on, and a little iron cooking stove."- George Harrison

All of the Harrison children were born in 12 Arnold Grove, a two up two down house in Liverpool where they lived for six years after George was born. George Harrison recalls the house to of had an iron cooking stove in the back room and each room downstairs being ten feet square. When it was cold, it was cold. The house only had one fire that was suppose to heat the whole house. In the winter the windows use to get frost on them and the house would be freezing, they'd keep a hot bottle of water in their beds, keeping moving the bottle around heating the bed until it was time to go to sleep. The outside was almost all paved with a little flowerbed. It's also were the toilet and the tub was. To take a bath, they would drag the tub in from outside and would pour pots of boiling, and hot water into it.
"My earliest recollection is of sitting on a pot at the top of the stairs, having a poop - shouting 'finished!'"- George Harrison
During the post war era in England the Harrison's were offered a council house at 25 Upton Green, Speke  after waiting a while. This house is where George's parents would continue to stay through George's childhood and fame.

"I remember some nasty moments after we'd move to Speke. There were women whose husbands were running away and other women who were having kids every ten minutes. And men were always wandering round, going into houses shagging, I suppose. I remember my mother having to deal with someone who'd come around cursing and swearing about something or other. She got a bucket of water and threw it from the front step and closed the door and went in. She had to do that on a couple occasions."- George Harrison
 George first attended Dovedale Road Infant School where he remembers the smell of boiled cabbage, a curly blonde haired girls, and a Peter Pan house that all of the kids made. After that he attended Dovedale Junior School (primary) the same time John Lennon was there, but the two didn't meet until years later. At Dovedale there were sports and George liked playing football and says he was a fast runner.
"I'd just left Dovedale Junior School and gone to the big school, the Liverpool Institute, when I went into the hospital."- George Harrison
George had had Kidney trouble when he was about twelve or thirteen and would always have sore throats and tonsillitis. One year he had found himself at the Alder Hey Hospital with an awful sore throat that had spread giving him Nephritis and inflamed Kidneys.

"It was during this time that I first wanted to get a guitar."- George Harrison on his hospital stay

George Harrison's early music, including guitar and piano playing and major influences will be posted tomorrow.
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