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25 Days of Harrison Day 22- The Traveling Wilburys Volume III

The above video is Jeff Lynne, George Harrison, and Tom Petty talking about the passing of their friend and fellow musician, Roy Orbison.  Before reading about The Traveling Wilburys Volume III, read about a prior description about the formation of The Traveling Wilburys, Traveling Wilburys Volume I, and their chart history by clicking here.

Producers: Spike and Clayton Wilbury
Recorded: April- May 1990
Released: 29 October, 1990
Spike Wilbury: Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, sitar, lead vocals, backing vocals
Clayton Wilbury: Acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, lead vocals, backing vocals
Boo Wilbury: Acoustic guitar, harmonica, lead vocals, backing vocals
Muddy Wilbury: acoustic guitar, bass guitar, lead vocals, backing vocals
Jim Keltner: Drums, Percussion
Jim Horn: Saxophones
Ray Cooper: Percussion
Gary Moore: lead guitar on "She's My Baby"

It was two years after the passing of Roy Orbison and two years after The Traveling Wilburys had released their first album.  In April of 1990, the remaining brothers returned to the studio after Bob Dylan had returned to touring in the late 80s, doing thirteen gigs with Tom Petty, some with the Grateful Dead, and then onto his Never Ending Tour in 1988. Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne were working on Roy's last album, Mystery Girl, which was released in 1989. Jeff had also produced Tom Petty's solo album, Full Moon Fever, also in 1989. Bob was working on his new album in 1990, Under the Red Sky, which George Harrison played on. Also, Jeff Lynne was working on his album, Armchair Theatre, which Tom and George worked on in 1990. It was time for the four to get back together to record a second album; Traveling Wilburys Volume III, was the result.

Instead of using their old persona; Nelson, Otis, Lucky, and Charlie T Jr. Volume III introduced a new band of brothers, George was now known as Spike Wilbury, Jeff as Clayton, Bob had became Boo, and Tom as Muddy. The recording for the album went from April to May and was released on 29 October, 1990, being produced by their own Spike and Clayton.

Track List:
  1. She's My Baby
  2. Inside Out
  3. If You Belonged To Me
  4. The Devil's Been Busy
  5. 7 Deadly Sins
  6. Poor House
  7. Where Were You Last Night
  8. Cool Dry Place
  9. New Blue Moon
  10. You Took My Breath Away
  11. Wilbury Twist
Bonus tracks released on The Traveling Wilburys Collection box set in 2007:
  1. Nobody's Child (Cy Coben, Mel Foree)
  2. Run Away (Max Crook, Del Shannon)

"Nobody's Child" was recorded and released for a charity for the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, founded by George's second wife, Olivia. The song appeared on the album, Nobody's Child: Romanian Angel Appeal. The group also recorded a brilliant cover of Del Shannon's "Run Away". The above video is the full Volume III album.

 Although the album didn't do as great as the first, it placed 11th in The Billboard 200 charts. Singles like Inside Out place 16 in Mainstream Rock. She's My Baby received spot number 2 in Mainstream Rock chart.

It all started with one musician looking to write a B-side for his new album, that turned into a band full of brothers.

"Just when you thought that real music was gone forever..... there came The Traveling Wilburys"

To see a great interview with Tom, Jeff, and George click here.
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