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25 Days Of Harrison Day 20- Styles

From the teddy boy look in the 1950s, to the suits in early 1960s, psychedelic patterns that influenced the late 1960s, long hair and beard look, the Dark Horse style, the lovable perm, and the many more styles George Harrison had pulled off throughout his life time. This post is dedicated to most of the style changes that happened throughout the years with a quick description of them.

In the late teenage years George Harrison had what was called Teddy Boy look. With the leather jackets and greased hair. Paul McCartney had described in Martin Scorsese's Living In The Material World Documentary that George's hair was described as a turban. McCartney's friend would say "It's like a fucking turban".
 "I must of looked pretty good, because Mimi didn't like me at all. She was really shocked and said, 'Look at him! Why have you brought this boy round to my house? He looks dreadful, like a Teddy boy.'"- George Harrison on John Lennon's Aunt Mimi's reaction.

The Teddy Boy look stuck till The Beatles met Brian Epstein, owner of NEMS records who had soon became The Beatles manager. Brian got rid of the Teddy Boy look and put the boys in smart suits, changing their hair and getting rid of the leather. This look was from 1961-1962.

In 1963 The group wore a grey collarless Pierre Cardin Suit, as well as other suits. The picture to the left is George wearing the Pierre Cardin Suit. The Cardin suit can be see in Beatles in most of The Beatles photos throughout 1963 into 1964.

The Turnip look as Paul McCartney called it. The Beatles had their photo shoot with Robert Freeman in Hyde Park for their fourth album, Beatles For Sale.
"I was quite impressed by George's hair there. He managed to create his little turnip top."- Paul McCartney
The picture to the right is The Beatles, Beatles for Sale album cover photographed by Robert Freeman who also photographed the Please Please Me Album, With The Beatles, A Hard Days Night, Help! and Rubber Soul

 The Beatles played probably their biggest concert in August of 1965, Shea Stadium. The Group wore Wells Fargo badges in a deputy style. The boys had were staying in the Warwick Hotel in Manhattan where they had  Wells Fargo security and were driven in a Wells Fargo car. Besides wearing the badges, the groups suits for the Shea Stadium concert have been one of the most recognizable suits that The Beatles wore.

Although the Shea Stadium suits were iconic to The Beatles, their most iconic outfit was from their 1967  album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The colourful, attention grabbing cover that features Paul in a bright blue suit, John in Lime greenish, Ringo in hot pink, and George wearing neon red/orange. Not only were the suits iconic but the group had decided to grow mustaches, after Paul McCartney had cut his lip in a mopped accident in 1966 , to hide his scar. Although others will think that they grew the mustaches because of the Paul Is Dead rumor.

The 1960s brought many changes throughout the world, peace and love motives, flower power, drug experiencing, protesting and campaigns, free love, hippies. The Beatles style had been influenced by the worlds changes, with psychedelic prints and patterns. This later influenced the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour era. Not only is the movie and album in bright colours through covers and music, but their clothing had changed as well. The Group wasn't the Teddy Boys they were at the beginning, nor were they the suited young men. They had found their own style, John had adapted this wired rimmed granny glasses, Paul and John had shaved their Sgt Pepper's mustache, and they weren't mocking each other as a four head person wearing the same clothes like they did before. Magical Mystery Tour and really 1966 and up, The Beatles had expressed their individuality not only by their actions but by their clothing.

Then you have the Yellow Submarine time period. The Beatles had started to produce their fourth movie based off of a children song written on their Revolver album, Yellow Submarine. The movie wasn't going to be like their previous films, in which The Beatles starred in. This film was going to be a cartoon, in which The Beatles didn't play the voices in, but did make an appearance in the end. The photo to the right is the George Harrison cartoon from the movie. While the photograph to the left is George Harrison attending the Yellow Submarine premiere wearing a yellow suit and hat.

The late sixties, 1968-69 and early 1970s George Harrison had many changes with his looks. In 1968 he had cut his hair shorter again, not as short as the early days, more like 1966 style, which can be see when The Beatles preformed "Revolution" the same year. At one point he had grew his hair long but kept it without facial hair, which can be seen to the left. Then there was the famous Rooftop concert on 30 January, 1969, where The Beatles had ended their fifth movie, Let It Be, a documentary about the group, with a concert on top of their Apple Corps building. For the concert George wore green pants with a dark fur coat, photo to the right. But we can't forget about the most iconic album cover of all time, Abbey Road. Where George wore all jeans with his long hair and now full beard. The long hair and beard stayed with George till the early 1970s before he had taken on his Dark Horse look in 1974. The following video is The Beatles preforming "Revolution" in 1969:


 The Dark Horse look was during 1974 when George had decided to do his first tour called Dark Horse, named after his previous album. George had shaved his long beard, keeping a mustache, and had cut his hair to aboutshoulder length. He had also gotten his ear pierced and was in between styles of overalls, and OM symbol shirts.

1976 was an interesting style for George. His hair had grown longer and wavy, while he wore colorful sweaters with various patterns.

The perm days where in the late 1970s, around the time his son, Dhani was born. The Perm had lasted over a year which was accompanied by a mustache.

In 1982, George shaved the mustache and cut his hair bringing it to the shortest it had been in a long time. His hair grew out in 1984 and 1985. Cleaning it back up in 1986.

In 1988, George Harrison had formed a super group called The Traveling Wilbury's, where his hair was longer than it was in 1982.

In 1996 George Harrison grew his hair back out with a short beard. During this time Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison had got together to work on The Beatles Anthology.

"It doesn't really matter what clothes I wear
Or how I fare or if my hair is brown"-
Only A Northern Song
The Beatles (George Harrison)

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