Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hope of.... 'Destiny'?

 D E S T I N Y

Defend the last safe City on Earth. Defeat our enemies. Discover the ancient ruins of our solar system. Become a legend.

Throughout his years of a beloved musician, Sir James Paul McCartney will not stop at expanding his musical genius towards new audiences. Whether it's classical ballads such as "Glory of Love", to heavy rock anthems in "Cut Me Some Slack", even to beloved children songs with Wings version of  "Mary Had A Little Lamb", McCartney has taken a new approach, stepping into the video gaming industry.

Two years ago (2012), it was shared on Paul's Twitter that he was going to experience as a "video game composer" working with the associates of Bungie (the same crew who worked with the Halo phenomenon) for the new, intense, game, Destiny.  On Bungie's official 'Destiny' website the following story line is posted;
Our civilization once spanned the solar system. Its ruins are still out there: buried in the dunes of Mars, hidden in the jungles of Venus, lost in a wild and abandoned Earth. For centuries we've huddled under the safety of the Traveler, protected from our enemies. Now, a new era has begun, and the only hope for our future lies in unlocking the greatest mysteries of our past.
 But how did the seventy two year old get involved in the video game industry?
Composers of the  Halo series approached McCartney providing details of how the video game industry depends on music; ever players action, every storyline, needs the correct musically score, and McCartney was up to the challenge, not only working with composers such as Marty O'Donnell and Mike Salvatori to create the fifty minute game's musical arrangements, but also writing the closing credit's track, "Hope For The Future", which News & Blog writer is calling the song "as epic as the game itself."

"Hope For The Future" was produced by Abbey Road and Beatles producer, Sir George Martin's son, Giles, who had previously worked with Macca for the 2013 album, New.  Marty O' Donnell recalls working with Paul during this video game journey with an interview with Rolling Stone Magazines, Daniel Kreps, on the 11 September, 2014, stating that McCartney would bring equipment used during The Beatles days which excited all musicians working on the project.
McCartney, O'Donnell, Salvatori

On the 9th of September, 2014 an interview held by Vulture's, Lane Brown, with Bungie's Community Manager, Eric Osbourne, was published to Vulture's website. Amongst the many questions about the game, said to be the one of the biggest entertainment launches of 2014,  Brown asked;
"Yes, but the guy wrote "Hey Jude". How on Earth did you convince him to do music for a video game? How did you pitch this to him, and why do you think he did it? I'm guessing that there was an enormous check involved."
Osbourne replied;
"There was no check involved, big or otherwise. He's in it for the creativity. He got a wonderful opportunity to reach an audience that wouldn't typically be immersed in Paul McCartney. They might hear the name - of course he's everywhere, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, obviously he's touring and recording nonstop - but he sees it as a way to reach a new audience that might not otherwise hear his music."
From baseball stadiums, ballets, working with the Foo Fighters, performing for the Queen, to making his way into the video game world the question asked is;
When will McCartney stop? 
 and the only answer is;
"Hope For The Future" will be officially released later within the year, but more information on that will released within the next for weeks.  For now, listen to the track in the video (via Youtube) below;

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