Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Meat Free Monday Fan Video

Yesterday, 22 September, 2014, Paul McCartney and Crew released a new video celebrating Meat Free Monday's fifth Anniversary. What is Meat Free Monday? I encourage you to read all about Meat Free Monday's history and Paul McCartney's part in the campaign by clicking here.

This year alone, McCartney has released six music videos. From his lyric video for "New" to his official videos for "Queenie Eye", "Appreciate" and "Early Days", and two fan videos including "Meat Free Monday" and "Save Us". All songs, with the exception of "Meat Free Monday", came from Sir Paul's New album, released this past October.  For those who don't know what a Fan Video is, it simple involved Paul McCartney asking his fans to send in a picture of themselves displaying a line from one of his selected songs, such as the following Fan Video (via Youtube) for "Save Us";

With great success and participation in "Save Us", The McCartney crew along with the musician himself, had decided to continue to spread Meat-Free Monday awareness by asking fans to submit pictures for another Fan Video, this time for Paul's campaign song.  In celebration of the fifth anniversary of the organization, Paul, his daughters, Mary and Stella, along with others have been asking around for people to pledge to join Meat- Free Monday and save not only animals lives but the planets. During his attempts to get others to join, Sir Paul released a video of himself rapping;

I now ask you all to join not only myself, The McCartney's, and many others in joining Meat-Free Mondays, one day can save thousands of lives. Please enjoy the following "Meat Free Monday" Fan video;

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