Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Apple Years 1968-75

"...I cannot wait for music lovers to get their hands on these newly remastered versions."- Dhani Harrison

 It was announced previously this month that Universal Music Group, along with help from Olivia and Dhani Harrison will be releasing The Apple Years 1968-75, a box-set containing eight digitally remastered discs (seven CDS and one DVD) of George's first six solo albums from Wonderwall Music in 1968 to Extra Texture (Read All About It) in 1975, all recorded under The Beatles' Apple Records label.

The album was designed to follow and compliment George's first box-set release with The Dark Horse Years 1976-92 released in 2004. George's son, Dhani, speaks about the project as;
"I am so happy that what we started a decade ago by releasing The Dark Horse Years is now complete with the release of his first six albums as The Apple Years. Some of these records have long been out of print, and so I cannot wait for music lovers to get their hands on these newly remastered versions. It's a very proud moment for us, and I would like to thank everyone who has helped us in any way to achieve this."- Dhani Harrison,

The Apple Years box edition will contain the following;
  • Digitally remasted Wonderwall Music album
  • Digitally remastered Electronic Sound album
  • Digitally remastered All Things Must Pass album
  • Digitally remastered Living In The Material World album
  • Digitally remastered Dark Horse album
  • Digitally remastered Extra Texture (Read All About It) album
  • Book with introduction by Dhani Harrison
    • Essays by radio producer and author, Kevin Howlett
    • Rare, unpublished images
  • George Harrison - The Apple Years DVD which includes;
    • seven-minute film with unreleased footage
    • directed by Olivia Harrison
    • The Concert For Bangladesh press kit
    • "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth) from the 1991's Live In Japan video
    • "Miss O'Dell" and "Sue Me Sue You Blues" alternate versions
    • Dark Horse promo clip
    • "Ding, Dong, Ding, Dong" video in which George directed
With the new release of The Apple Years, new opportunities to celebrate the music of George Harrison are popping around the Los Angeles scene, even taking a spot every night on TBS's  Conan, who is honoring the great musician with a week (starting on 22 September) of guests from Beck to Dhani Harrison himself, performing and paying tribute to George Harrison.

But having a week dedicated to the beloved man on the popular, comedic, late-night show, isn't enough to celebrate the music and love of George Harrison and that's why Los Angeles' El Rey Theatre will bring musicians such as Brian Wilson, Norah Jones, "Weird Al" Yankovic, and many others, together to celebrate George Fest: A Night To Celebrate the Music of George Harrison, on 28 September (all proceeds go to the Sweet Relief Fundraiser).

You can Pre-order The Apple Years box set at The Official George Harrison Store by clicking here.
Amazon by clicking here.
Or the digital version from iTunes here.

Or You can wait until the release of the box-set on 22 September, 2014. 

To watch The Apple Years 1968-75 promotional video click here.

picture by Dhani Harrison via Instagram this past July
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